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Beauty Business Name Ideas:


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1. BeautyTrip

Simple but memorable. Could work for a wide range of beauty businesses.

2. Glow with the Flow

A play on words that uses rhyming to create an impression.

3. Beauty Unreleased

Synonymous with exclusivity. Could work well for a high-end brand.

4. BetterBeat

Uses colloquial language and alliteration to really stick.

5. Let's Glow Cosmetics

A call to action that also happens to be a pun.

6. Bumble Bee Cosmetics

Partially alliterative but completely endearing. May appeal to a younger demographic.

7. Pure Radiance

Striking. Ideal for a business that sells products that are free from harmful chemicals.

8. Glo by Flo

Uses rhyming to leave a lasting impression. Bonus points if the business is named after its owner!

9. SoFine Cosmetics

A sassy name that serves as a confidence-booster.

10. Like Nude

For a brand that offers lightweight makeup and/or body shimmer products.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

Glamour Business Names

Elegant, beautiful name ideas for your glamour business.

More Beauty Business Name Ideas:

One Word Beauty Business Names:

  • Glowww.
  • Pinkhues.
  • Glowtones.
  • GlowDancers.
  • Plumpd.

Unique Beauty Business Names:

  • Glow Dough.
  • New Hue.
  • Love Lace.
  • Red Lip Rebellion.
  • Beige & Beauty.

Mobile Beauty Business Names:

  • Let's Get Cheeky.
  • GoSkin.
  • Doctor Do-Over.
  • The Glamour Artist.
  • Beauty On-Demand.

Natural Beauty Business Names:

  • Pure Glow Beauty.
  • Nature's Tones.
  • Ashlips Co.
  • Honey Hues.
  • Green Glamor Girls.

Catchy Beauty Business Names:

  • Good Stoop.
  • Skin Kin.
  • Beauty Duty.
  • Oh Wee.
  • Dewy Dawn.

Beauty Page Names for Instagram:

  • Gram Glam.
  • Tones & Hues.
  • Kiss and Makeup.
  • Cerise Lips Girl.
  • Precious Powder.

Interesting Beauty Company Names:

  • Scent of Lillies.
  • Rainbow Hues.
  • Ballistic Skin.
  • Fruity Beauty.
  • Honey Bee-Auty.

French Beauty Business Names:

  • Passionné de Beauté.
  • Parfum de Lys.
  • Bijou Belle.
  • Femme Naturelle.
  • Fille aux Lèvres Rouges.

Vegan Beauty Business Names:

  • Ethically Elastic.
  • Better Blush.
  • Vegan Volumptous.
  • Vegan Vixen.
  • Green Garden Beauty.

Holistic Beauty Business Names:

  • Holistic Hues.
  • Nature's Nails.
  • Recycled Retouching.
  • Chem-Free Beauty.
  • Beauty With Borders.


How do you name a beauty shop?

  1. Think about your business's character and any themes, phrases, and synonyms related to your brand.
  2. Create a list of keywords and combine them to form beauty company name ideas, or use a beauty company name generator.
  3. Ask your family and friends for feedback.
  4. Check the availability of your shortlisted names.
  5. Register your chosen name.

Where can I find a beauty brand name generator?

You can use NameSnack, a free tool that allows you to enter a few keywords and create scores of good beauty brand names within minutes.

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Business Name Generator

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