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Beauty Salon Name Ideas:


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1. Eye of the Beholder

This part metaphor is playful and implies that your salon will make anyone feel beautiful.

2. Pretty

Simple, sweet, and easy to remember. It references the euphoric state of the client after a treatment.

3. Lavish

Stylish and memorable. This name suggests that you offer high-end treatments.

4. Tranquility

Peace and quiet while being pampered. What more can a client ask for?

5. Beyond Beauty

Simple but memorable. Hints that clients can expect more than normal beauty treatments.

6. Red Lipstick Lounge

Sophisticated, glamorous, and more. The name is assertive and stands out, just like red lipstick.

7. Blossom

Blossoms smell nice but also promise new beginnings and growth.

8. Blushing Cheeks

Blush equals rosy cheeks which are synonymous with health and beauty. Simple but catchy.

9. Lavender

Lavender may refer to the scent, color, and/or essence. It's also associated with tranquility.

10. Glamorous You

Perfect for a client-centered salon that leaves people feeling confident about themselves.

Beauty Business Names

Captivating name ideas for your beauty business and how to come up with them.

More Beauty Salon Name Ideas:

Catchy Beauty Salon Names:

  • Scintillating Styles.
  • Sapphire & Soap.
  • Simple Styles Salon.
  • Sunshine, Silk, and Summer.
  • Silky Smooth Sisters.

Good Beauty Salon Names:

  • Silk Strategists.
  • Soaps & Scents.
  • If Locks Could Kill.
  • Salonova.
  • Toupee Tranquility.

Beauty Studio Names:

  • Studio Sunshine.
  • Palace of Plush.
  • Star Beauty HQ.
  • Beauty Professor.
  • Studio Sis.

Good Beauty Salon Names:

  • Slick & Sultry.
  • Serum & Serenade.
  • Curls & Coconut.
  • Her New Do.
  • Salonstra.

Unique Beauty Salon Names:

  • Serum Sisters.
  • Toupee Treatment.
  • Tresses & Oils.
  • Curls Corner.
  • Sir Lon.

Sophisticated Beauty Salon Names:

  • Layers & Lenghts.
  • Beauty Bobs.
  • Platinum Pieces.
  • Root & Rinse.
  • Seashell Shimmer.


How do I create a fun business name for my beauty salon?

  1. Before you start brainstorming fun name ideas for your beauty salon, you need to know your target market.
  2. Survey potential customers to get an idea of the products, brands, trends, and beauty salon services they're interested in.
  3. Make a list of keywords and feed them into a business name generator to discover unique business names from your keywords.
  4. Choose five of your favorite names.
  5. Share them with others and get some feedback.
  6. Decide on the best name.
  7. Check that the name is available.
  8. Trademark your chosen business name.
  9. Secure the matching domain name.

How do I know if I have a good beauty salon name?

Check your business name with friends, family, and likely customers. Make sure it's easy to remember and pronounce and that it hints at what makes your beauty salon so special.

What are some real-life beauty salon names?

  • Divine Beauty Studio.
  • Eternal Beauty Medical Aesthetics.
  • Cielo Salon & Spa.
  • Salon Next.
  • Salon Spa W.

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