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Beauty Parlour Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Now or Never

A quirky name challenging the client not to procrastinate but to make an appointment immediately.

2. Body Dance

A name alluding to your body's sense of absolute delight after a beauty treatment.

3. Sparkling Me

This name defines in simple terms how wonderful you feel when you pamper yourself.

4. Soul Satisfaction

This name implies that you will experience physical and spiritual joy from visiting a beauty parlour.

5. Parlour Perfection

An alliterative name implying that the establishment's staff aim to provide you with a flawless grooming experience.

6. Ribbons & Bells

A whimsical name that suggests celebration. Going to a beauty parlour is a celebration of yourself.

7. Petal Pretty Parlour

An alliterative name suggesting that a beauty treatment will make you feel and smell great.

8. Silent Stream Salon

This gentle name will appeal to clients who visit beauty parlours for peace and quiet.

9. Pampered & Thrilled

This name suggests that you will be thoroughly indulged and that the end results will delight you.

10. Gossip & Glamour

This name will appeal to customers who love to combine socializing with beauty treatments.

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More Beauty Parlour Name Ideas:

Catchy Beauty Parlour Names:

  • Pink Skin Room.
  • Plump Lounge.
  • Plush Parlour.
  • Posh Pearls.
  • Pretty Sittin'.

Stylish Beauty Parlour Names:

  • Princess Parlour.
  • Touch Up Emporium.
  • The Polish Room.
  • Plump & Precious.
  • The Beauty Establishment.

Indian Beauty Parlour Name Suggestions:

  • Delhi Detail.
  • Makeup from Mumbai.
  • Chennai Cosmetics.
  • Light of Lakshmi.
  • Pune Powders.


How do I come up with beauty parlour business name ideas?

  1. Think about the type of beauty products and services that your company will offer.
  2. Research other beauty parlours for inspiration.
  3. Create a list of keywords and terms that define your business.
  4. Use a business name generator to find unique keyword combinations.
  5. Pick five business name ideas that you like the most.
  6. Check that your business name options are available.
  7. Share your ideas with others and get their feedback.
  8. Decide on the best name for your company.
  9. Trademark the name.
  10. Register the domain name for your website.

Where can I find beauty parlour names and logos?

With Namesnack, businesses can generate hundreds of creative and original names for their beauty parlour. Complement your business name with a beauty parlor logo from Zarla; an AI-powered logo generator that creates unique and memorable logos.

What are some real-life beauty parlour names?

  • Gielly Green.
  • Decadence.
  • Beauty and Melody.
  • Harrods Beauty Services.
  • Tiara Organic Hair & Beauty.

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