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Hair Business Name Ideas:


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1. Mousse & Scissors

This name refers to a hair emporium where all kinds of hair products are sold, ranging from mousse and gel to hairdressing tools of the trade, such as scissors.

2. Shave the Day Hair Salon

A play on the word "Shave," this name hints at your business's ability to help customers in need of a new, beautiful hairstyle. It also suggests that you are able to shave heads and beards, which will broaden your target market.

3. The Hair Courier

This name can be used for a company that supplies and delivers hair products to salons, saving salon personnel from the inconvenience of shopping in person.

4. Rock & Rollers

An original name for a business supplying different hair products, including rollers for curling hair. "Rock & Rollers" suggests that your products are cool and trendy.

5. Hair Borne

A play on the phrase "airborne," this name is perfect for a hair supply company and suggests that you deliver hair products to people seamlessly and efficiently.

6. Follicle Fixers

"Follicle" refers to the root of hair, and when combined with the word "Fixers," suggests that you'll get to the root of your client's hair issues. Ideal for a hair clinic or specialist hair business.

7. Peace and Hairmony

Playful and fun, this name will suit a hair business that's all about making clients feel relaxed and revitalized with beautiful hairstyles or grooming products.

8. Dye's The Limit

This name is a play on the pun "skies the limit" and suggests that your business can cater to all hair color specifications. Ideal for a company that specializes in hair dyes and coloring tools.

9. HiLo Hair Haven

"HiLo" is a reference to highlights and lowlights. This name will suit an outlet that supplies the equipment used during hair coloring and styling processes.

10. Blonde Ambition Studio

Fun yet literal, this name references your business's ability to create and style blonde hair. "Studio" suggests that your business is modern, professional, and uses high-quality hair products.

Hair Product Business Names

Stylish names for your hair product business.

More Hair Business Name Ideas:

Classy Hair Business Names:

  • Angel Hair Co.
  • The Golden Ringlet.
  • SugarMe Hair.
  • The Dazzling Tease.
  • GlamScissors.

Memorable Mobile Hair Business Names:

  • Princess Tangles.
  • Culr'n'Go.
  • Blondy's Grooming.
  • The Tress Express.
  • ManeMagic.

Good Virgin Company Hair Names:

  • UnTouched Locks.
  • Pure Waves.
  • My Posh Mane.
  • Omega Hair Design.
  • The Goddess Tress.

Creative Hair Business Names:

  • Cut & Plait.
  • Sparkling Curls.
  • The Sexy Hair Blog.
  • Cherry Hair Art.
  • My Petal Mane.

Natural Hair Business Names:

  • Kink o' Curlz.
  • House of Glossy Locks.
  • The Glamorheads.
  • Stylishly Wild.
  • Curl Envy.

Braiding Hair Business Names:

  • DaisyDreads.
  • Elegance Artistry.
  • Glamorous Creations.
  • Stylish Braiding.
  • Cherry Style Braids.

Wedding Hair Business Names:

  • The I Do Crew.
  • Timeless Bridal Hair.
  • The Wedding Salon.
  • Beautiful Updos.
  • True Bridal Beauty.

Extension Brand Names:

  • The Mane Hairstyle.
  • Silky Extension.
  • Extension Fashion.
  • Unique Weave.
  • The Hair Addition.

Catchy Hair Business Names:

  • Blush Hairstyling.
  • Fierce Reflections.
  • Lush&Thick Stylez.
  • Chop&Flip.
  • FunCity Hairdos.

Hair and Makeup Names:

  • Belle Curls.
  • Honey Layerz.
  • Flair o' Hair.
  • Mia Style Bar.
  • Lash Out Concepts.


How do I name my hair company?

  1. Write down keywords that feel unique to your business.
  2. Find synonyms for your keywords.
  3. Use a business name generator to create unique names.
  4. Show these names to potential clients, family, and friends for feedback.
  5. Check to see if your potential names are already registered.
  6. Choose the best name for your hair business.

Where can I find a hair business name generator?

You can use NameSnack, our AI-powered name generator that can create hundreds of business name suggestions in seconds from just a few input keywords.

What are some real-life hair product brand names?

  • Dove.
  • Pantene.
  • TRESemmé.
  • Organix.
  • Olaplex.
  • Bounce Curl.
  • Amika.
  • SheaMoisture.

What should I name my hair business?

When naming a hair business, you should try to capture the essence of your business and convey your style, offerings, and products. Start by considering your specialization and intended style as sources of inspiration. See our list of hair business names for ideas or use a business name generator to create one of your own.

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