Hair Care Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Lazy Locks

This fun and snappy name conveys an easygoing nature and suggests a hair care business that is all about simple and effective solutions that make looking good almost effortless.

2. Cracking Curlz

A catchy name that conjures images of glossy, bouncing curls. The deliberate misspelling of "curls" adds character and vibrancy, and aids memorability.

3. Mighty Mane

Ideal for a hair care brand that is all about creating and maintaining luscious, voluminous hair, this name is unapologetic and easy to remember.

4. Posh, Plush, Bold

Speaking to beauty, elegance, and fearless style, this name suggests a classy, upmarket hair care business.

5. Blown Away Styling

Creating a clear association with hair care and styling services and products, this name makes the nature of your business instantly recognizable and will have your customers expecting breathtaking results.

6. Luxx Locks

This alliterative name is short but effective, conveying a sense of luxury and indulgence. The repetition of the "x" helps it stand out and makes it memorable.

7. Curly Brag

A fun and playful name that is ideal for a business that is focused on hair care products for curly hair. The use of "brag" conveys a sense of pride and confidence in your products and services.

8. The Art of Coiffure

Creative with a serious undertone, this name adds a little French flair to your hair care business.

9. LuvTheShimmer

Bringing to mind all things shiny and sparkling, this name could work well for a brand that is all about standing out with eccentric colors, glitter, and gloss.

10. Glam & Scrunchies

This name has an old-school feel and could work well for a business that stocks a wide range of fashionable hair care products, accessories, and style guides.

Hair Product Business Names

Stylish names for your hair product business.

More Hair Care Business Name Ideas:

Cool Hair Care Business Names:

  • CosmoCurly.
  • Nature's Styling.
  • BeautiCare.
  • Wave Botanicals.
  • HoneyColorz.

Unique Hair Care Business Names:

  • MysticSun Hair.
  • Wild Glam Wash.
  • Vixen Styling.
  • The Chic Coiffure.
  • My Cool Curls.

Catchy Hair Care Business Names:

  • Dapper Duke Hair Care.
  • Style My Strands.
  • Diva Studio Products.
  • Sunshine Twist & Curl.
  • Tailored 2 Tresses.

Great Hair Care Company Names:

  • Bold Blondie.
  • The Grooming Pros.
  • Sarali's.
  • Platinum Beau.
  • Chic Care.


What are some well-known hair care brand names?

  • Kérastase.
  • AVEDA.
  • Head & Shoulders.
  • Pantene.
  • Redken.

How do I choose an hair care business name?

  1. Write down keywords that feel unique to your business.
  2. Find synonyms for your keywords.
  3. Use a business name generator to create unique names.
  4. Show these names to potential clients, family, and friends for feedback.
  5. Check to see if your potential names are already registered.
  6. Choose the best name for your hair care business.

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