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Hair Braiding Business Name Ideas:


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1. Urban Braids

While this name is simple and straight to the point, it is also easy to remember and aligns your hair braiding salon with a sense of excitement and style associated with life in a big city.

2. Posh Stylez Boutique

Position your hair braiding business as the go-to place for elegant and enviable hair styles. The deliberate misspelling of "styles" gives the name a contemporary and creative flair, and aids memorability.

3. Braid 2 Bloom

This catchy name sounds sweet and inspiring, letting customers know that you are a master of your art and assist customers with braided looks that accentuate and flaunt natural beauty.

4. Africa Braiding Bar

This name sends a clear message, telling customers precisely what your business is about. The use of "bar" in this name does more than identify your establishment as a hair braiding salon, as it can also be interpreted as a reference to quality standards.

5. The Braiding Experts

Proud and unequivocal, this name lets customers know that you are at the top of your game and offer best-in-class hair braiding services.

6. Braided & Flawless

A name that promises your customers nothing short of perfection when it comes to braided hairstyles.

7. Bliss & Joy Braiding

This cheerful name has a friendly and welcoming feel. It conveys a sense of enthusiasm and gives the impression that you truly love what you do.

8. Wicked African Braid

An eye-catching, playful name that hints at a cheeky and mischievous brand character but also suggests exceptional quality.

9. Crazy Braiding

This loud and passionate name will have customers expecting eccentric styles that challenge the norm.

10. The Braiding Spa

A calm and elegant name that positions your hair braiding business as a wellness oasis where customers can expect a luxurious and pampering hair braiding experience.

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More Hair Braiding Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Hair Braiding Business Names:

  • InStyle Strands.
  • Fantastic Twists.
  • Hair Perfecto.
  • Diva Stylez.
  • Sassy&Glam Knots.

Cool Hair Braiding Company Names:

  • SuperDiva Dredz.
  • Bamboo & Honey.
  • InTouch Locks.
  • The Cornrow Gals.
  • Boxed Moments.

Good Braid Business Names:

  • Keep It Glam Hair Salon.
  • Studio Sass Braiding.
  • Twist & Shape 'Dos.
  • Divine Dreds Co.
  • Queen's Protective Crown.

Fun Hair Braiding Business Names:

  • Fro'ternity Salon.
  • Luxe Hairmony.
  • BobCat Braids.
  • Knotty Sisters Salon.
  • Box & Braids Kingdom.


What are some well-known hair braiding business names?

  • Ancestral Strands.
  • Eagle Hair Braids and Salon.
  • House of Braid.
  • Matou’s African Braiding Salons.
  • Strands of Beauty.

How do I choose an hair braiding business name?

  1. Write down keywords that feel unique to your business.
  2. Find synonyms for your keywords.
  3. Use a business name generator to create unique names.
  4. Show these names to potential clients, family, and friends for feedback.
  5. Check to see if your potential names are already registered.
  6. Choose the best name for your hair braiding business.
  7. Register it.

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