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Hair Product Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Untangled

A name that is simple and easy to remember. Conjures images of tangled hair being brushed out.

2. Vintage Look

For a hair product business with a vintage brand look and feel that sells vintage-style accessories.

3. Sleek & Foxy

A stylish name that is easy to remember and suggests sleek and attractive hairstyles.

4. Rock Curls

A name that encourages people to opt for a curly hairstyle and wear curls with pride.

5. Great Gleam

An alliterative name that suggests a strong shine and glow.

6. Honeyed Charm

A lovely name for a hair product business that conjures images of long, glossy, honey-colored hair.

7. Rapunzel Style

Refers to the fairytale character with beautiful and incredibly long hair.

8. Wind Hair Care

Great for a business selling hair tools that treat the hair as gentle as the wind.

9. Head Chic

A short name that suggests fashionable products for head and hair.

10. Dare 2 Care

A catchy name that, in the context of a hair product brand, tells people to use hair care products.

Hair Care Business Names

Imaginative name ideas for your hair care business.

More Hair Product Business Name Ideas:

Natural Hair Product Business Names:

  • The Organic Groomer.
  • Curl Up!
  • Ebony Belle.
  • InneRoots.
  • Tightly Nourished.

Hair Growth Product Business Names:

  • Frotherapy.
  • Root Radiance.
  • Bean Beauty.
  • Ultra Bloom.
  • The Beard Tonic.

Creative Hair Product Business Names:

  • Bloomin' Pretty.
  • Hair-Adore.
  • Silky Belle.
  • Shampoology.
  • SilkyLux.

Cool Hair Product Company Names:

  • The Style Stash.
  • Crazy About Hair.
  • Lock Rocket.
  • True Touch-Up.
  • Lusciously Sleek.

Good Hair Product Business Names:

  • The Royale Hair Club.
  • Pampered & Plush.
  • Xtra Sheen.
  • The Prim Prince.
  • Shine It Smooth.


How do I come up with a name for my hair product business?

  1. Define the character of your business and list keywords.
  2. Add words related to the hair products you will sell.
  3. Look for synonyms and word associations.
  4. Combine words to create name ideas.
  5. Use a business name generator.
  6. Review your list and reduce it to 5 names.
  7. Check name availability.
  8. Make a choice.
  9. Secure the name.

What are some famous hair product business names?

  • Pantene.
  • Head & Shoulders.
  • Redken.
  • Herbal Essences.
  • TRESemmé.

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