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Scrunchie Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. The Special Scrunchie

"Special" makes your scrunchies sound unique.

2. Style Scrunchie

Customers want to look stylish when wearing scrunchies, making this a good name.

3. The Silky Scrunchie

"Silky" is a desirable material for scrunchies and makes your product sound more high quality.

4. Happy Hair Ties

The alliteration in this name makes it catchy.

5. Fabulous Ponytails Scrunchies

"Fabulous" will make customers feel stylish and glamorous when wearing your scrunchies.

6. Lovely Lady Hair Scrunchies

The repetition of "l" in this name makes it pleasant to say.

7. Beautiful Braids Scrunchies

Some people choose to braid their hair and use scrunchies to keep their hair tied up.

8. Cool Summer Scrunchies

Many people will tie their hair up in Summer to keep cool, making this name apt.

9. Perfect Ponytail Scrunchies

This name makes it seem as though your scrunchie makes every ponytail perfect.

10. Love the Look Scrunchies

This name assures customers that they will love their look when they wear your scrunchies.

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More Scrunchie Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Scrunchie Business Names:

  • The Diamond Scrunch.
  • Lucky Hair Hold.
  • Scrunch Crafters.
  • Beauty Knots.
  • Sports Diva Scrunchies.

Cool Scrunchie Business Names:

  • BerrySage Hair Ties.
  • Scrunchie Chix.
  • Goddess Hair Fashion.
  • VelvetSilk Co.
  • Artisan Hair Scrunch.

Cute Scrunchie Shop Names:

  • Little Lady's Scrunch.
  • SilkyGrace.
  • Divine Hair Holders.
  • La Belle Ties.
  • HoneyRose Scrunchies.

Excellent Scrunchie Business Names:

  • PinkGlow Hair Design.
  • Sleek Chix.
  • Scrunchie Corner.
  • Trendy Ponytailz.
  • Tamed Mane Scrunchies.

Good Scrunchie Business Names:

  • Velvet Queen Collection.
  • CottonGlo Hair Fashion.
  • My Locked Tresses.
  • Scrunchie Royale.
  • My Floral Ponytail.


What are some famous scrunchie business names?

  • Teleties.
  • Denim & Daisy.
  • Claire's.
  • XXL Scrunchie & Co.
  • Scrunchies by Sherry.

How do I come up with scrunchie business name ideas?

  1. Read through your market research and find keywords related to your business.
  2. Use our business name generator to create a list of scrunchie company names.
  3. Approach potential customers to get their feedback on your name ideas.
  4. Set the list aside for a few days and see which names you remember.
  5. Check if any of your name ideas have already been trademarked or registered.

Where can I find a scrunchie business name generator?

Try Namesnack — you can generate hundreds of free scrunchie business name ideas by simply inputting a few keywords.

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