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Hat Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Headroom Hat Co.

A striking, distinctive name that suggests style, modernity, and exclusivity.

2. Crown Collective

A trendy and catchy name, this name is ideal for a hip, youth-culture centered business.

3. Mill & Hab's

Playing with "Milliner" and "Haberdashery," the name is striking and memorable and suggests rarity.

4. Brim Style

A unique and memorable name that evokes the image of a sweeping brim. Ideal for a men's hat store.

5. Hat Spot

Simple and strong, the name simply makes the claim that this is where people buy hats.

6. Bowler Scout

Ideal for a business selling only imported bowler hats, the name is memorable and sounds great.

7. Top Halo

A quirky and unique name suggesting hats are heavenly.

8. Hatible

Perfect for a store that sells hats online; the name is young, trendy, and suggests a wide variety.

9. Peakaboo Hatters

Replacing "peek" with "peak," from a cap, the name is ideal for a business selling children's hats.

10. Hat Junction

Where many styles converge. This is an ideal name for a business selling a wide variety of hats.

Accessory Business Names

Catchy name ideas for your accessory business.

More Hat Business Name Ideas:

Men's Hat Company Names:

  • The Dandy Den.
  • The Mad Hat Man.
  • Men's Hat Club.
  • The Captain's Hat.
  • The Hush Dog.

Baseball Hat Company Names:

  • Hats off Baseball.
  • A Baseball Cap Shop.
  • Base Bat Hat.
  • Pitcher Hat.
  • Cap Stylez.

Unique Hat Business Names:

  • Hat Viva.
  • IzzyHat.
  • Hat in the Attic.
  • Handy Hat.
  • Fashion caps.

Catchy Hat Business Names:

  • Hatful Memories.
  • Hat to Hat.
  • Wings Hats.
  • The Hat Lab.
  • Classic Hat Museum.

Cool Hat Shop Names:

  • Hat to Go.
  • Hat Voodoo.
  • Hats 4 Africa.
  • Cool Hat Company.
  • Hat2B.

Sophisiticated Hat Company Names:

  • Hat Design Studio.
  • The Hat Designers.
  • Chapeau Melon.
  • The Hat Trader.
  • The Hat Specialists.

Memorable Hat Store Names:

  • That Hat.
  • Hat in Tune.
  • Dynamic Hat.
  • Bootleg Hat Company.
  • Crown Custom Hats.

Cute Hat Store Names:

  • The Rabbit Hat.
  • Hat & Petals.
  • Bonbon Hats.
  • Baby's Hat.
  • Sweet Hat Hug.

Good Hat Company Names:

  • Hat Haus.
  • True Hat Shop.
  • Leather & Hat.
  • Hat Job Studio.
  • My Hat Club.

Fun Bonnet Business Names:

  • Hat It Up.
  • The Very Closed Bonnet Club.
  • Balloon Bonnets.
  • Jelly Blossoms Bonnet.
  • Bonneticious.


How do I choose a hat shop name?

  1. Brainstorm some potential names.
  2. Think about words and concepts related to your accessory business, target audience, and mission statement.
  3. Try combining words or use a business name generator.
  4. Review and reflect on your list.
  5. Gain feedback.
  6. Check name availability.
  7. Secure the name.

What is a good hat company name generator?

Namesnack uses advanced machine learning to generate hundreds of catchy and memorable business name ideas, and can be used to create hat store name ideas to match your brand. Have a look at a few examples we created using NameSnack.

What are some famous hat business names?

  • Optimo.
  • J.J. Hat Center.
  • Byrnie Utz Hats.
  • Hollywood Hatters.

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