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Hair and Makeup Business Name Ideas:


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1. Hollywood Locks Hair Salon

"Hollywood" has connotations of glamour and style, making clients feel like a celebrity.

2. Natural Beauty Makeup Salon

This name suggests that you will highlight the natural beauty in your clients.

3. Cuts & Curls Hair Care

"Cuts" and "curls" are related to hairdressing, and the alliteration makes this name catchy.

4. Glamour & Joy Beauty

This name highlights the way clients will feel after visiting your business.

5. Generations of Beautiful Hair

"Generations" not only shows that you have clients of varying ages, but also shows your experience.

6. Gorgeous & Groomed

This name's alliteration is catchy, but the words also show you how clients will feel.

7. Love the Look Makeup Salon

This name states that clients will love the way you style them.

8. Breathtaking Beauty Makeup

"Breathtaking" is how most people want to look, so this will attract clients.

9. The Glam Experts

"Experts" instills confidence in your clients.

10. Love Yourself Hair and Makeup

This name suggests that clients will love their appearance after using your services.

How to Name Your Hair Salon

A ten-step process to naming a hair salon.

More Hair and Makeup Business Name Ideas:

Wedding Hair and Makeup Business Names:

  • Blush Salon Plus.
  • The Loft for Brides.
  • Posh Contourz.
  • Lipstick & Beyond.
  • Stunning Bridez.

Unique Hair and Makeup Business Names:

  • Blush + Curl + Glam.
  • Gloss Booth.
  • Blush & Go.
  • A Gorgeous Look.
  • Sparkle-A-Diva.

Catchy Hair and Makeup Business Names:

  • Chattering Cherry.
  • Brush & Brow Lounge.
  • Cunning Comb.
  • Blush Binge Beauty.
  • Fringe & Flutter.

Cute Hair Business Names:

  • Marvelous Mane.
  • Sleek or Curly.
  • Salon Rapunzel.
  • The Haircut Hut.
  • Fringe Effects.

Stylish Hair and Makeup Business Names:

  • Blush & Twinkle.
  • I Luv the Look.
  • Curls & Styles.
  • Catch a Gloss.
  • Mentor Beauty Bar.


How do you choose a hair and makeup business name?

  1. Take keywords from your market research and use a business name generator to create business name ideas.
  2. Approach potential clients and ask them for feedback on your name ideas.
  3. Ask friends for their opinions on your list.
  4. Set the list aside for a few days and see which names you remember.
  5. Check if any of your name ideas have already been trademarked or registered.

What are some famous hair and makeup business names?

  • Antidote Hair Salon and Beauty Bar.
  • Paradise Hair, Makeup, & Airbrush Tanning.
  • 360 Style Hair and Design Studio.
  • Hello Lovely Hair & Makeup.
  • Hair Luxe Salon & Co. LLC.

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