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1.The Occult Circle

This powerful name suggests that your business provides mystical services rooted in spiritualism. The word "circle" symbolizes unity and is an important shape in the psychic industry.

2.Spirits Collide

A creative name that lets clients know your psychic business offers mediumship services. It's got lots of allure but also exudes a feeling of professionalism.


Translating to "psychic" in Italian, this straightforward name informs clients that your business is inspired by Italian folk magic. It's super versatile and has a divine quality to it.

4.Past & Future

If your psychic business aims to help clients make sense of their past and open up to their future, this name will perfectly describe your services. It's memorable with a hint of mysticism.

5.The Mystic Maven

Referring to an expert in mysticism and metaphysics, this name conveys a message of authenticity and confidence. Clients will know that your psychic services are reliable and grounded in many years of study.

6.Hexe Tarots

"Hexe" is the Germanic word for "witch" and sounds dynamic. Combined with the word "tarot," it creates a strong and cool name that will appeal to customers in search of classic, traditional cartomancy services.

7.Mind Over Matter

A unique name that gives a nod to your business' investment in the mind rather than material objects. It speaks to the metaphysical aspect of psychics and will suit a business that specializes in clairvoyance or mediumship services.


If your psychic business uses spellwork to practice fortune-telling or mediumship, this name is a sure-fire way to entice clients to learn more about your services. The alliteration of the "S" makes the name memorable and imaginative.


Referring to "divination" in Greek, this name alludes to your psychic business' affinity for classic fortune-telling practices, such as crystal gazing, astrology, and palm reading. It sounds sophisticated and regal.

10.The Spectre Sanctuary

A striking name that will grab the attention of clients looking to connect with the spiritual realm in a safe space. It will communicate that your psychic business is a positive environment with calmness and control in mind.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

Spiritual Business Names

20 ethereal name ideas for your spiritual business.


Is there a psychic business names generator?

Yes, you can use NameSnack to create unique name options for your psychic business. Alternatively, see our list of psychic business name ideas to spark your imagination.

What are some creative psychic shop names?

  • Spirits Collide.
  • Psichica.
  • SpellSense.
  • Hexe Tarots.

What are some unique psychic business name ideas?

  • The Occult Circle.
  • Manteía.
  • Past & Future.
  • The Spectre Sanctuary.

What are some trendy names for psychic businesses?

  • The Mystic Maven.
  • Spirits Collide.
  • Mind Over Matter.
  • Psichica.

What are some cool psychic business name ideas?

  • Hexe Tarots.
  • SpellSense.
  • Manteía.
  • The Occult Circle.

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Business Name Generator

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