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1. Polished Mode

This professional name uses the word "polished" to convey a message of refinement, which tells clients that your business is all about styling formal wardrobes. The word "mode" sounds authoritative and dynamic.

2. The Summer Closet

Let clients be swept up into your world of sunshine and summer styles with this fun name. It conjures up images of swimwear, flowy garments, and wide-brimmed hats. It's ideal for a seasonal personal stylist business.

3. ShapeStyle

A charming name that suggests your styling business will help clients of all shapes and sizes choose the best fashion items to represent their personal style. It's snappy, personable, and easy to remember.

4. Stile Fiore

Translating to "flower style" in Italian, this pretty name is reminiscent of beautiful floral designs and natural, sustainable materials. It implies that you'll be able to source international clothing items and accessories.

5. The Glamor Checklist

This classy name will let clients know that your business follows a checklist to create a glamorous wardrobe that contains gorgeous garments with sparkle and finesse. It's a sublime choice for a personal stylist business that favors elegance and class.

6. Daily Threads

If your personal stylist company assists clients in making daily outfit choices, this name will perfectly describe your mandate. The word "thread" is a nod to your ability to source handcrafted, high-quality items. It will suit both an in-person and an online personal stylist business.

7. Shop4Me

An original name that exudes coolness and authenticity. It's punchy and implies that your business offers both personal shopping and styling services.

8. TrendImage

The word "image" suggests that your styling business focuses on creating strong style identities for clients. Along with the word "trend," the name sounds modern and has a chic, sophisticated feeling.

9. Suit&Tie

This impressive name evokes images of professional attire that fits well and exudes style. It hints at your business's ability to create elegant outfits that can be worn to work or formal events.

10. Vogue Time

The word "vogue" is the epitome of style and fashion and will let clients know that your styling services are superior. "Time" sounds dynamic and implies that your business is well-organized and works on a tight schedule.

Stylish Business Names

Effortlessly stylish name ideas to suit a range of businesses.

More Personal Stylist Business Name Ideas:

Fashionable Personal Stylist Business Names:

  • Style Chic.
  • Love My Looks.
  • The Esthetic.
  • Lavishly Loved.
  • Groovy Groomer.

Trendy Personal Stylist Business Names:

  • Stylofts.
  • New Me.
  • My Attitude Co.
  • True Light.
  • Vanity Designer.


How do I come up with a catchy personal stylist business name?

  1. Think about what makes your business unique and write down the words that come to mind.
  2. Consider the type of styling you'll do and who your target market will be.
  3. Add these keywords to a business name generator to produce some name ideas.
  4. Choose a few of your favorite names and show them to friends or family for feedback.
  5. Select the name that will best represent your personal stylist business.
  6. Register your new business name.

How do I name my personal stylist business?

Write down some keywords that best describe your business's target audience, brand message, location, and services you offer. Then, use a business name generator to create a unique and catchy name. If you're stuck for ideas, read through our list of personal stylist business names to spark your imagination.

Where can I find a personal stylist business name generator?

You can use our business name generator to create a cool and stylish name that's unique to your business. Once you've registered your new business name, go to Zarla to design and download a fun logo for free.

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