Jewelry Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. AdornPearl

An elegant name that tells customers to adorn themselves with your fine jewelry designs.

2. My Fine Swarovski

A great name for a retailer that specializes in jewelry made from Swarovski crystals.

3. BeadBespoke

Alliteration makes this name catchy and fun. A great option for a wholesale bead shop.

4. PearlEternal

A good jewelry boutique name. Evokes a sense of glamour and elegance. Your clients will cherish your creations for years to come.

5. My Gem Custom

A catchy name for a direct seller of customizable jewelry and accessories.

6. LazuliCraft

The reference to "lapis lazuli" suggests that you specialize in bespoke gemstone jewelry.

7. The Artistic End

Conjures images of a vast cavern filled with diamonds and gems. Memorable and enticing.

8. ArtisticPearl

A charming name for a range of interchangeable jewelry that features pearls.

9. GemAdorn

A fun and modern name for a fine jewelry business that draws inspiration from nature.

10. JewelBespoke

This straightforward name suggests that you offer a variety of jewelry and a bespoke service.

11. Just Jewelry

An uncomplicated name that shows a dedication to all things jewelry-related.

12. Busy Beads

This business name plays at busy bees and suggests great variety and energetic creativity.

13. Stringed Things

A creative and playful business name that alludes to necklaces and bracelets.

14. Silver Up

A reference to 'polish up'. Suitable for a business that shines and restores silver jewelry, & more.

15. Bracelet Bazaar

A name that identifies a specialty and suggests variety, vibrancy, and bargain hunting potential.

16. Glam Gems

This is a catchy name that suggests fashionable and striking jewelry designs.

17. Diamond Click

Well-suited to an online, pick-up, and drop-off repair service, or one with a short turnaround time.

18. Design Jewelry

Suited to a repair service that does modifications like plating and stone & setting replacements.

19. Adorn Cast

One often 'adorns' oneself with jewelry, and wax 'casting' is a type of jewelry making.

20. Bead Craft

A straightforward and descriptive jewelry making business name that is easy to remember.

How to Name a Jewelry Company

A nine-step process to naming a jewelry company.

More Jewelry Business Names:

Girly Jewelry Business Names:

  • Sterling Daffodils.
  • Glittery's Jewelers.
  • Goddess of Trinkets.
  • Little Silver Locker.
  • Crystal Charm Jewels.

Crystal Jewelry Business Names:

  • Silver City Gems.
  • Serenity Bling.
  • Tristar Jewellers.
  • Amos Crystal.
  • Emerald City Stile.

Arabic Jewelry Shop Names:

  • Mabrook Jewelers.
  • The Silver Desert.
  • Sultan's Jewelers.
  • Desert Rose Gemz.
  • Habibi's Jewellery.

Beachy Jewelry Business Names:

  • Visions of The Seas.
  • Crystal Cove Reef.
  • Hibiscus 'n' Diamonds.
  • Sun Dive Jewellers.
  • Silver Pearl Palms.

Paparazzi Jewelry Business Names:

  • The Silver Starz.
  • Paparazzi Secrets.
  • Monarch's Jewelry Box.
  • Jewelry Sniffer.
  • Shutterbug Luxe.

Spanish Jewelry Business Names:

  • Precioso Tesoro.
  • Mi Amor Fine Jewelry.
  • Estrella Silver & Gold.
  • Flamenco Jewelers.
  • Gem Fiesta.

Fashion Jewelry Brand Names:

  • Sparkle Jewelers.
  • Flame Ruby Boutique.
  • Dolled-Up Gems.
  • PearlSage Jewelry.
  • Moonlit Silver.

Catchy Jewelry Company Names:

  • Pearl Creek Crystal.
  • Gemini Jewellery.
  • Glitzy Golds.
  • Fantasy Fine Jewelry.
  • Sapphire's Stylings.

Exotic Jewelry Business Names:

  • Jasmine & Sapphire.
  • Moon Valley Diamonds.
  • Jewel Of The Springs.
  • Lotus Gold Emporium.
  • Pure Palms Jewelers.

Creative Jewelry Business Names:

  • Sunburst Bling.
  • Pure Safire.
  • Lush Treasure.
  • Pretty Treasure.
  • Untold Silver.

Good Jewelry Store Names:

  • Trinket Rain.
  • Sunflower Diamonds.
  • Pretty Treasure.
  • JewelBespoke.
  • Celestial Goldsmith.

Quirky Jewelry Business Names:

  • Bling Me Now.
  • The Pearl Fountain.
  • Diamonds of Bliss.
  • Gold to my Ears.
  • Bead & Gem Lounge.

Unique Jewelry Company Names:

  • Gemstone Glow.
  • Little Sterling.
  • Silver Mine Luxury.
  • The Crystal Jeweler.
  • The Silver Blingery.

Boho Jewelry Making Business Names:

  • Gems & Beads.
  • The Hippie Artistry.
  • Garden of Crystals.
  • Nostalgic Necklace.
  • The Rustic Ruby.

Classy Jewelry Repair Business Names:

  • Elegance Restored.
  • Repair Glow.
  • Remade Handmade.
  • Renovation Craft.
  • Elite Repair Shop.


How do I name my jewelry business?

  1. Create a list of keywords and phrases related to the jewelry industry.
  2. Find synonyms for these words.
  3. Combine these keywords using a business name generator for a jewelry business.
  4. Ask your peers for feedback.
  5. Check the domain and state availability of your favorite names.
  6. Choose a name and register it.

Is there a jewelry company name generator?

Yes, NameSnack is a free tool that generates scores of unique company name ideas from a few keywords. If you're looking for inspiration, see our list of jewelry company name ideas.

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