Whether you are opening a fine jewelry store or plan on becoming a direct seller, selecting the right name for your jewelry business can be daunting. Your business name should reflect the qualities of your jewelry, sound appealing to customers, and be easy to pronounce and remember. Here are 10 creative name ideas to help inspire your own.

Jewelry Business Names:


Business Name



An elegant name that tells customers to adorn themselves with your fine jewelry designs.

2.My Fine Swarovski

A great name for a retailer that specializes in jewelry made from Swarovski crystals.


Alliteration makes this name catchy and fun. A great option for a wholesale bead shop.


Evokes a sense of glamour and elegance. Your clients will cherish your creations for years to come.

5.My Gem Custom

A catchy name for a direct seller of customizable jewelry and accessories.


The reference to "lapis lazuli" suggests that you specialize in bespoke gemstone jewelry.

7.The Artistic End

Conjures images of a vast cavern filled with diamonds and gems. Memorable and enticing.


A charming name for a range of interchangeable handmade jewelry.


A fun and modern name for a fine jewelry business that draws inspiration from nature.


This straightforward name suggests that you offer a variety of jewelry and a bespoke service.

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What are some good names for a jewelry business?

  • AdornPearl.
  • My Gem Custom.
  • JewelBespoke.
  • My Fine Swarovski.
  • The Artistic End.

What are some catchy jewelry business names?

  • PearlEternal.
  • LazuliCraft.
  • The Artistic End.
  • BeadBespoke.
  • My Fine Swarovski.

How do I name my jewelry business?

  • Create a list of keywords and phrases related to the jewelry industry.
  • Find synonyms for these words.
  • Combine these keywords to form names or use a business name generator.
  • Ask your peers for feedback.
  • Check the domain and state availability of your favorite names.
  • Choose a name and register it.

What are some paparazzi jewelry business names?

  • AdornPearl.
  • GemAdorn.
  • My Fine Swarovski.
  • My Gem Custom.
  • JewelBespoke.

What are some handmade jewelry business names?

  • ArtisticPearl.
  • My Gem Custom.
  • GemAdorn.
  • PearlEternal
  • LazuliCraft.

What are some creative names for jewelry businesses?

  • Pure Safire.
  • Lush Treasure.
  • Trinket Rain.
  • Pretty Treasure.
  • Untold Silver.

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