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Pearl Business Name Ideas:


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1. Natural Elegance Pearls

A beautifully elegant name idea for a business that sells natural pearls, which are the rarest and most valuable type of pearl.

2. Pearls 2 Glam

A fun, unique name idea for a business that farms pearls for use in jewelry making. This business name tells jewelers that your pearls will make for high-quality pieces.

3. Crushed Iridescence

This business name suits a makeup company that uses crushed pearls in its products for an extra glam factor. Customers will imagine the shine on the inside of an oyster shell, that changes color from different angles, when they see this business name.

4. Glitz Pearlz

A cute, trendy name idea that could work for a business that sells affordable jewelry pieces using imitation pearls. This business name may attract a younger target audience looking for some great necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

5. A Rare Find

This business name idea celebrates the rare beauty of naturally occurring pearls. This name tells customers that your pearls, or the jewelry made from your pearls, are unique, one-of-a-kind, and valuable. A great name for a high-class pearl boutique.

6. String of Pearls

A cool name idea for a pearl farming business. This business name is fun and informative, telling customers what product you specialize in.

7. Pirate's Treasure

A fun, inventive name idea for a pearl store. This business name will have customers intrigued and willing to come into your store to pick through the treasures on offer.

8. Silver Pearls

This beautiful name idea is elegant and refined. It links your business to the rare silver lipped pearls produced in the South Seas of Australia, which is one of the most valuable types of pearls in the world. This name idea tells customers that your pearls are rare and valuable.

9. Ocean's Riches

A gorgeous name idea that reminds customers where pearls come from and celebrates the natural beauty of pearls and the wonders that can be found in the ocean depths. This business name promises high-quality pearls set in beautiful jewelry designs.

10. Queen Pearls

This name idea is based on the fact that pearls are often called "the Queen of gems." It makes for a regal, refined business name that suits these wonderful gems of the ocean.

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Business Name Generator

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More Pearl Business Name Ideas:

Unique Pearl Business Names:

  • The Gritty Oyster.
  • Your Pearly Whites.
  • Ritzy Glitz.
  • Sea Spoils
  • Mamas Pearl World.

Elegant Pearl Business Names:

  • A Mermaid’s Strand.
  • Gift from the Sea.
  • Touched by Pearls.
  • Mother & Pearl.
  • Gates of Heaven.

Fancy Pearl Business Names:

  • Pretty in Pearls.
  • Queen’s Luster.
  • Oyster Offerings.
  • Eternal Pearl.
  • Valley of the Sea.


What are some existing business names with "Pearl" in them?

  • American Pearl Company, Inc.
  • Pearl Business Group, LLC.
  • Secrets in the Pearl.
  • Pearl Paradise.
  • Mastoloni Pearls.

Where can I find pearl business name ideas?

  1. Review your business plan and your ideal customer profile, and create a list of keywords.
  2. Add words related to pearls and the pearl business to your list.
  3. Research your top competitors for inspiration.
  4. Run your gathered keywords through a business name generator.

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