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Craft Business Name Ideas:


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1.Petal Polish

The alliteration of the "P" makes for a fun name. A good choice for a store that sells sparkly goods.

2.Rich Gemstone

"Rich" implies luxury or premium products. A great choice for a place that sells precious stones.

3.The Break Store

A quirky name for a business specializing in glass crafts. Will remind clients to browse with care.

4.Plastic Petal

A cute, clever, and catchy choice. Suitable for a store that sells plastic odds and ends.

5.My Adorable Ribbon

A solid name for a store that specializes in fabric crafts or cute accessories.

6.Bristle Blade

A memorable and mysterious name. Could work well for a variety of craft supply shops.

7.The Metal Ink

Suitable for a store specializing in calligraphy supplies. Could also work for a high-end pen store.

8.Trinket Haul

May draw clients who love novelty stores. Great for a shop that sells small, bespoke items.

9.Adorable Culture

A cute, memorable, and versatile name. Well-suited to any shop that stocks pretty craft items.

10.Sunny Spill

Ideal for a craft store that has a positive atmosphere and friendly staff.

11.Create Lace

A catchy name for an elegant store that specializes in craft items for weddings, anniversaries, etc.

12.The Pencil Haul

A wonderful name for an arts and craft shop aimed at stationery fanatics.

13.Durable Fluff

Equal parts practical and creative. Implies that craft items bought here are built to last.

14.Lace Filet

Really fun to say out loud. "Filet" has connotations of luxury. May attract high-end clientele.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

How to Name a Craft Business

A 9-Step Process to Naming a Craft Business


What are some creative craft businesses names?

  • Rich Gemstone.
  • My Adorable Ribbon.
  • Trinket Haul.
  • The Break Store.
  • Adorable Culture.
  • Durable Fluff.
  • Lace Filet.
  • The Metal Ink.

How do name my craft business?

  • Consider the customers you want to appeal to, the craft items you'll stock, or the craft-related events you'll host.
  • Research existing craft stores to get name ideas.
  • Start a list of keywords and combine them to create possible craft company names.
  • Try a business name generator.
  • Test your best names on friends, coworkers, and in online forums.
  • Choose the most popular name and register it.

How do I come up with a craft business name idea?

Think about your market niche, products, location, and what makes your craft business special. Try running the vocabulary you come up with through a business name generator like NameSnack. Also, feel free to look at our list of craft business names to inspire ideas.

What is a good craft shop business name?

  • Sunray Co.
  • Dainty Gemstones.
  • ArTrove.
  • KnittingGrandmas.

What are some unique real-life craft shop names?

  • Breaking Bead.
  • Lord of the Strings.
  • Game of Thread.
  • The Grafting Girls.
  • The Knitter.
  • Harry Pottery.
  • The Beads & the Beautiful.
  • The Yarn & the Restless.

What are some cute craft business name ideas?

  • Little Ceramics.
  • My Handmade Rosewood.
  • Lovely Splinter.
  • Rain Shimmer.

What are some fun names for an art and craft business?

  • Petal Polish.
  • The Metal Ink.
  • Durable Fluff.
  • Bristle Blade.

What are some catchy names for a craft business?

  • My Adorable Ribbon.
  • Sunny Spill.
  • Trinket Haul.
  • Adorable Culture.

What are some punny craft business names?

  • Trinket Haul.
  • The Break Store.
  • Durable Fluff.
  • Sunny Spill.

What are some clever craft business names?

  • The Metal Ink.
  • Little Ceramics.
  • KnittingGrandmas.
  • Petal Polish.

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