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Craft Business Name Ideas:


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1. Petal Polish

The alliteration of the "P" makes for a fun name. A good choice for a store that sells sparkly goods.

2. Crafty Concept

A catchy name that suggests smart ideas. Suitable for a creative, marketing, or advertising company.

3. Skill City

This crafty name suggests an abundance of talent and competence. Suitable for a career portal.

4. Plastic Petal

A cute, clever, and catchy choice. Suitable for a store that sells plastic odds and ends.

5. My Adorable Ribbon

A solid name for a store that specializes in fabric crafts or cute accessories.

6. Nifty Novelties

This alliterative name suggests useful and unusual products. Great for a gadget store.

7. The Metal Ink

Suitable for a store specializing in calligraphy supplies. Could also work for a high-end pen store.

8. Trinket Haul

May draw clients who love novelty stores. Great for a shop that sells small, bespoke items.

9. Adorable Culture

A cute, memorable, and versatile name. Well-suited to any shop that stocks pretty craft items.

10. Sunny Spill

Ideal for a craft store that has a positive atmosphere and friendly staff.

11. Create Lace

A catchy name for an elegant store that specializes in craft items for weddings, anniversaries, etc.

12. The Pencil Haul

A wonderful name for an arts and craft shop aimed at stationery fanatics.

13. Durable Fluff

Equal parts practical and creative. Implies that craft items bought here are built to last.

14. ReALcreation Park

A fun modification of the word "recreation" that suggests a place of true creativity.

15. Twinkle Threads

A magical name that alludes to pretty, sparkling products made with high-quality thread. Ideal for a children's craft business.

16. Devious Delights

A catchy name that suggests sinfully delicious foods.

17. Woven Again Boutique

A clever name for an eco-friendly brand that creates new clothes from recycled clothing and plastic. "Woven" may also refer to the stories your clothing carries.

18. Quaint Crafts

A name with a musical tone that rolls off the tongue. Fun, memorable, and perfect for a vintage craft store.

19. Magic Threads Cafe

A memorable choice for a clothing design workshop where dressmaking basics are taught. "Café" suggests a relaxed environment.

20. Classic Crafts

The repeated "C" sound creates a musical effect. Fun alliteration is used to great effect.

21. Fit For The Dogs

Plays on the phrase "fit for the gods." A charming name for a posh pet store.

22. Victorian Crafts

The perfect name for a craft shop with items inspired by the design aesthetic of the Victorian era.

23. Olden Thread

A clever play on "golden thread." A great name for vintage crafts made from wool or cotton.

24. The Vintage Craft Store

A no-frills name that tells customers exactly what to expect: a one-stop shop for all things vintage craft.

25. Old-Fashioned Crafts

"Old-Fashioned" is a softer, warmer word than "old" or "antique." A friendly and inviting name.

How to Name a Craft Business

A 9-step process to naming a craft business.

More Craft Business Name Ideas:

Cute Craft Business Names:

  • Soul of a Butterfly.
  • Little Ceramics.
  • My Handmade Rosewood.
  • Wooden Heart Art.
  • Rain Shimmer.

Good Craft Shop Business Names:

  • The Craft Deck.
  • Dainty Gemstones.
  • ArTrove.
  • KnittingGrandmas.
  • Twinkle Fever.

Funny Craft Business Names:

  • The Hobby Lobby.
  • The Craft Supper.
  • Creatives from the Deep.
  • River Crafting.
  • Creationista.

Tumbler Craft Business Names:

  • Dreaming Bunnies.
  • The Enchanted Plum.
  • Soulfresh Beads.
  • Luna's Blooms.
  • The Rasta Rabbit.

Southern Craft Business Names:

  • Ace of Hearts Studio.
  • Soul Glow Bouquet.
  • Dreamy Pebbles.
  • Lavender's Glow.
  • FantzyBits.

Boho Craft Business Names:

  • Little Dreams Dye.
  • Twinkling Things.
  • Bizarre Bloom Shoppe.
  • Crazy About Scrap.
  • Fluttering Feathers.

Farmhouse Craft Business Names:

  • Wicked Wool House.
  • Feather Fuel Crafts.
  • Leather Poetry.
  • Wanderer's Emporium.
  • The Onyx Rabbit.

Rustic Craft Business Names:

  • Crafty Me.
  • Spirits of Color.
  • Beads & Creations.
  • Ode to Crafts.
  • Fine Folding Craft.

Wood Craft Business Names:

  • Inspire a Craft.
  • Sweet Dreams Craft.
  • Reflect Artisan.
  • My Personal Touch.
  • Your Craft Center.

Fun Arts and Craft Business Names:

  • Glazed & Gleaming.
  • House of Sculptures.
  • Bubbly Bloom Art.
  • Little Red Beads.
  • Blendin' Creations.

Examples of Crafty Business Names:

  • Knits & Crochet.
  • Cork Art Online.
  • The Tool Chamber.
  • Mixed Arts Painting.
  • The Art of Brick.

Disney-Inspired Craft Business Names:

  • Sleeping Beautique.
  • The Fairytale Room.
  • Lino of Pride Rock.
  • Magic of Wonderland.
  • Crowning the Frog.

Crafty Brand Names:

  • Fab Arts Lab.
  • Crafts & Craftsman.
  • My Artisanal Goods.
  • Hobby Design.
  • The Woodcraft Lab.

Punny Craft Business Names:

  • Yarning for Your Love.
  • Bead Around The Bush.
  • Ham-Made Crafts.
  • Knot a Bad Idea.
  • Bead the Clock.

Catchy Vintage Craft Business Names:

  • Olden Thread.
  • My Elizabethan Crafts.
  • Baroque & Blossom.
  • The Golden Sewing Needle.
  • Bronze Age Craft Studio.


How do name my craft business?

  1. Consider the customers you want to appeal to, the craft items you'll stock, or the craft-related events you'll host.
  2. Research existing craft stores to get name ideas.
  3. Start a list of keywords and combine them to create possible craft company names.
  4. Try a business name generator.
  5. Test your best names on friends, coworkers, and online forums.
  6. Choose the most popular name and register it.

What are some unique real-life craft shop names?

  • Breaking Bead.
  • Lord of the Strings.
  • Game of Thread.
  • The Grafting Girls.
  • The Knitter.
  • Harry Pottery.
  • The Beads & the Beautiful.
  • The Yarn & the Restless.

What makes a business name crafty?

A business name that conveys the creative nature of the business can be crafty. A business name can also be crafty if it relates what the business does in a clever, artful, and subtle way.

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