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Cricut Business Name Ideas:


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1. Cricut's Craft

The repetition of the "cr" sound creates a catchy business name that is memorable and that customers will easily remember when they want Cricut products. The use of "Craft" shows the direction of your Cricut expertise.

2. Sticker Vault

The use of "Vault" in this cool name idea suggests that your store stocks a treasure trove worth of stickers. This name also suggests that all your stickers are made with a Cricut machine.

3. Cricut 4 U

A fun, crafty name idea that will look good in a logo using a block-style typeface that looks like Cricut letters for scrapbooking. This name is short, catchy, and creates a link between the business and the customer.

4. Crisp Crafters

Another use of alliteration that creates a great, memorable name, The use of "Crisp" plays on the idea that Cricut machines are computer-controlled, reducing the instances of human error and less than precisely cut craft stickers.

5. Cricut Art & Designs

"Art & Design" can be used to show that your Cricut business prints vinyl stickers or iron-on transfers for use on mugs, t-shirts, and other gift products. This is a straightforward name idea that exudes professionalism.

6. Paper Magic Inc.

Give your business a sense of magic and mystery with this cool name idea. "Paper" suggests that your business focuses on scrapbooking and creating fun paper decals while the addition of "Inc." gives your business a professional, trustworthy atmosphere.

7. Cricut 4 Cards

A straightforward business name that tells customers exactly what your business is all about: making amazing cards using the precision of a Cricut machine. The alliteration of the 'C' also aids with brand memorability, ensuring customers immediately think of your business for their card needs.

8. Cricut Crib

Another great example of a memorable business name with the repeated 'cr' sound. This name idea suggests that your business, or "Crib," is the place for all your customers' Cricut needs.

9. The Custom Scrap

Quick and catchy, this name is a great representation of what a Cricut machine does: making custom decorations and cut-outs for scrapbooking purposes. Shortening the word 'scrapbooking' to "Scrap" also gives this name a great opportunity for a cute fighting mascot emblem.

10. Cricut Confectionery

This cute business name tells customers that you use a Cricut machine to cut out your fondant decorations for precise, expert cake decorating. The alliteration on the name, as well as the playfulness, will ensure that customers remember this business name — and recommend it to all their friends!

Craft Business Names

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More Cricut Business Name Ideas:

Fun Cricut Business Names:

  • Enchanting Vinyl.
  • DecoMe Designs.
  • Sweetie Art & Form.
  • Crafty Art Decals.
  • The Deco Box.


How do I name my Cricut business?

Your Cricut business name should represent your business and resonate with your customers. Try using your name or initials or your city in your name to differentiate your business from others that may be in the same area. Have a look at a few examples we created using NameSnack.

How do I come up with a Cricut business name?

  1. Create a list of keywords that describe your Cricut business.
  2. Feed your keywords into a business name generator to create a range of available name ideas.
  3. Choose your top five name ideas.
  4. Share these with family and friends and ask for their feedback.
  5. Choose the best business name based on this feedback.
  6. Check whether the name is available.
  7. Trademark your chosen business name.
  8. Secure the matching domain name.

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