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Artistic Business Name Ideas:


Business Name



Snappy, unique, and a dream to market. Consider adding creative and colorful tittles.

2.The Pink Pear

A memorable name that would sparkle in pink branding and paired with a pear-inspired logo.


Looks and sounds innovative. You could add different colors if you want to create a playful brand.

4.Beetle Blue

Fun, quirky name that has plenty of branding potential. You'll love coming up with slogan ideas.

5.The Art Crowd

Sounds modern & professional. Hints that you're part of the art circle and know all about trends.

6.Miss Muse

An elegant name that has connotations of femininity. The alliteration helps it roll off the tongue.


Abstract name with loads of business expansion opportunities. Could work for a personalized app.

8.Crafty Chimp

A playful and catchy name that will pop next to a funky chimpanzee inspired logo design.

9.The Artress

Punchy, sophisticated, and timeless. This name will absolutely shine in gold and red branding.

10.Tooly Tales

Simple & happy. This would be a great addition to a hardware-related online business or blog.

11.Brush Smith

Great for a painting club/expert. The addition of "smith" hints that you're a master at your craft.

12.Crafty Lane

A timeless name that sounds welcoming. "Lane" promises variety, giving you room to explore.

13.The Canvas Club

A catchy name that would be a good addition to a business that offers fun painting classes.

14.Art Up!

Snappy & creative. Could suit those who provide art utensils and tools. Plenty of slogan ideas.


Provides enough creative room to explore fun branding ideas. Perfect for a music business.

16.The Artitect

Sounds professional. The purposeful misspelling of "architect" makes this a compelling name choice.

17.Crafts & Crew

"Crew" implies that you value teamwork and "crafts" gives you room for artistic freedom.


Punchy & marketable; a great combination for those in the creative mobile app business.

19.Tattoos & Tarts

An odd pairing of words that's still able to grab attention. For tattoo parlors with female artists.


A fantastic name that sounds whimsical and alluring. Promises that you'll deliver amazing service.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

Art Business Names

10 compelling name ideas for your art business.


Where do I find a good artistic name generator for a business?

Try Namesnack or consult our list of Artistic business name ideas.

What are some cool artistic business names?

  • Miss Muse.
  • The Art Crowd.
  • Crafts & Crew.
  • Tooly Tales.
  • The Artress.
  • Tattoos & Tarts.
  • The Artitect.
  • The Canvas Club.

What are some artistic brand names?

  • Artzii.
  • Beetle Blue.
  • Colorixo.
  • The Pink Pear.
  • Picuna.
  • Creatizo.
  • Mussica.

How can I come up with some artistic business names?

  1. Consider your business's specialty, brand, and target market.
  2. Make a list of potential name ideas and feed them into a business name generator.
  3. Share your ideas with peers and ask for feedback.
  4. Use online polls and surveys.
  5. Perform a name availability search with the state.
  6. Choose a memorable name and register it.

What makes a business name artistic?

A business name is artistic when it sounds and looks imaginative, allowing business owners the freedom to explore creative branding ideas. Artistic business names are often found in the creative arts and entertainment industries. Examples include tattoo parlors, music businesses, art schools, and craft stores, among others.

What companies have artistic business names?

  • The Art Park.
  • Art In The Yard.
  • Clay Cafe.
  • Art In Bloom.

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Business Name Generator

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