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Sticker Business Name Ideas:


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1. Paint Me a Sticker

A great business name based on the idiom "paint me a picture." This idea suits a custom sticker business that produces stickers for promotional activities for businesses. This name asks customers to describe their sticker wants for you to print.

2. Stickology

This trendy business name will tell clients that you are an expert in stickers and their production. As a single-word name idea, this is a memorable and catchy business name and will attract potential clients to your sticker business.

3. Stickerz & Stylez

The alliteration on the "s" and the "z" makes this a catchy memorable name idea that will grab attention and linger in customers' thoughts. This business name also tells customers that your sticker designs have style.

4. The Sticker Service

A great name idea that tells it like it is. Your business is a service that prints custom-made stickers for businesses.

5. Sticker Crazy

This cool name idea tells customers that you are a business that is crazy about stickers! It's a great name choice that indicates a variety of stickers, vinyl, and decals created for the retail trade.

6. Sketch 'n' Stick

A fun, trendy name idea for a custom business that prints customers' sketches as stickers. The alliteration on the "s" creates a memorable effect that will help your business name stick — in customers' minds.

7. Decal Artistry

A beautiful name idea for a business that creates decals; whether for nails, walls, or other uses. This name idea is simple and should be easily recognized and found when searching for a decal sticker business.

8. This is a Stick Up!

A fun play on words that runs with the idea of sticking up stickers. It's a more oblique way of referring to your sticker business that will keep people guessing and inspire a laugh or two.

9. Walking Labels

This unusual business name creates an impression through its uniqueness. However, the use of "label" in the name still lets potential customers know what kind of business it is.

10. Craft Sticker Lab

The use of "lab" in this business name gives it a professional, high-quality feel. It tells potential customers that you know what you are doing when you craft new and exciting stickers for retail or based on the customer's design.

Decal Business Names

Creative and memorable name ideas for a decal business.

More Sticker Business Name Ideas:

Aesthetic Sticker Business Names:

  • Boutique Stickerz.
  • Decoracraft.
  • Glitterstick Designs.
  • Zillion Sticker Co.
  • ArtOfficials.

Funny Sticker Business Names:

  • Sticker Lickin' Good.
  • Stick Up!
  • Les Printables.
  • Sticking Time Bomb.
  • StickTok.

Etsy Sticker Shop Names:

  • DecalSoft.
  • Stickerzzz.
  • Stampster.
  • StillStickin.
  • InkFence.

Cute Sticker Company Names:

  • Stuck on You.
  • Swipe Decals.
  • Hey Sticky.
  • CuteTags.
  • The Stick-Up Kid.

Great Sticker Company Names:

  • Wizard Promarks.
  • Printem.
  • Hands-On Stickers.
  • Paint Ticker.
  • Stickers Station.

Fun Sticker Shop Names:

  • Sticker Zapper.
  • Top Stampers.
  • Big Smile Stickers.
  • Lettistic.
  • SnapStick.

Cool Sticker Business Names:

  • Stickerbenders.
  • The Sticker Guyz.
  • Dotters.
  • Loop 'n' Stick.
  • Sew a Sticker.

Catchy Sticker Business Names:

  • Stickers 'n' Stuff.
  • Artistic Imprints.
  • Stickers to Glo.
  • Vibe Ink Stickers.
  • Flip Stick Design.

Good Sticker Company Names:

  • Stixtagram.
  • All-in-One Graphics.
  • StampSquad.
  • Blush Stickers.
  • Glittery Glaze.

Memorable Sticker Business Names:

  • Sassy Stickerz.
  • Kool Stickerz.
  • Stickers & Stitches.
  • Stranger Stickers.
  • Stickers 'n' Stix.

Creative Sticker Business Names:

  • Star Sticker Store.
  • Cute Sticker Co.
  • The Good Giggle.
  • Lucky Sticker Studio.
  • Sparkle Plush.

Exciting Sticker Shop Names:

  • Sticker'd It.
  • The Mighty Stamp.
  • Happy Hippo Stickers.
  • The Stamp Stylist.
  • Stick With U.


What is a good name for a sticker shop?

A good sticker shop name should convey your offerings in a thoughtful way while remaining consistent with your brand's offerings. See our collection of sticker shop names for ideas or use NameSnack to create your own.

How do I come up with a sticker business name?

  1. Make a list of words associated with stickers and the craft of making them.
  2. Look for synonyms for these words.
  3. Consider emotive adjectives or catchy idioms and phrases.
  4. Run your list of keywords through a business name generator.
  5. Share your favorite options with family, friends, and potential clients.
  6. Check if the crowd favorite is available.
  7. Register your chosen business name.

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