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T-Shirt Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. The T-Shirt Business

A straightforward but effective name that clearly states the nature of your business.

2. Design Tee

The perfect name for a business that allows customers to design personalized T-shirts.

3. The Funky Shirt

A youthful and marketable name for a business that designs creative and unique T-shirt designs.

4. My Tee Shirt

"My" personalizes the name, inviting customers to find their own favorite TT-shirt in your store.

5. Tie Funky

A fun and trendy name that conjures images of funky, creative, and original tie-dye T-shirts.

6. The Tee

A memorable and fun name that works well for marketing and slogan purposes.

7. True Designs

An intriguing name that says your business specializes in authentic T-shirt designs.

8. Tie Business

This name works well for a T-shirt business where experts produce fun tie-dye designs.

9. GoGraphic

An edgy but trendy T-shirt company name. Best-suited for those who design graphic T-shirts. Great for slogan ideas.

10. Trendy Tee

Use of alliteration makes this a memorable and modern name that effortlessly rolls off the tongue.

More T-Shirt Business Name Ideas:

Mom T-Shirt Business Names:

  • Mom's Shirts.
  • The Mothers' Tees.
  • Tee-It-Ma.
  • Mom & Me T-Shirts.
  • Mother of All T's.

Funny T-Shirt Business Names:

  • Tough Shirt.
  • My Cuppa Tee.
  • Shirt to Flirt.
  • Totally T-Shirtless.
  • Shirt the Messenger.

Catchy T-Shirt Business Names:

  • Klever T-Sheertz.
  • Seamless Heaven.
  • Shirt 'n' Skirt.
  • The Cotton Magic.
  • Thrilling Store.

Unique T-Shirt Company Names:

  • Loco Shirt Lab.
  • Tee-Shee Mob.
  • Your Local Shirt Shop.
  • Swag Manufacture.
  • Yo Manz Shirts.

Good T-Shirt Printing Business Names:

  • The Art of Shirt.
  • Alpine Printz.
  • Im-Printed Polos.
  • Feminista T-Shirts.
  • Print-A-Tee Boutique.

Cool T-Shirt Company Names:

  • The Shirts People.
  • Tee for Me.
  • La Mode Casual.
  • Take It Easy! Store.
  • Swag & Brag Tees.

Creative T-Shirt Business Names:

  • These Tees.
  • Skin's Bliss.
  • Hot Woven.
  • Knitted Goodz.
  • Shirt to a Tee.

Fun T-Shirt Brand Names:

  • Tru 2 U Clothing.
  • Tee We Go.
  • Thread Signs.
  • Heavenly Fabrics.
  • Fitted Out.

Cute T-Shirt Business Names:

  • Shirtalicious.
  • Lookin' Kewt.
  • The Coolest Tee.
  • Funk It Fashion.
  • Amai Tees.

Clever T-Shirt Business Names:

  • Tees Is It!
  • Shirting Stars.
  • Teeming with Style.
  • Cool as Shirt!
  • TEESing U.


How do I choose a name for my T-shirt business?

  1. Evaluate your business plan and objectives.
  2. Brainstorm keywords that best describe your services and designs.
  3. Share your ideas with clients and close peers.
  4. Use a business name generator for inspiration.
  5. Conduct a trademark search.
  6. Check name availability with the state.
  7. Choose a name that suits your brand.

What should I name my home based T-shirt business?

Opt for a name that captures your range of offerings while remaining true to your brand's tone of voice. See our collection of T-shirt business names for ideas or use a business name generator to create your own.

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