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1. Riverstone Ink

This name, with its natural and classic undertones, lends itself to a copywriting service, publishing house, or an advertising agency known for brilliant print and online campaigns. "Riverstone" evokes serene images of babbling brooks, indicating perhaps a brand that remains calm under pressure.

2. Lovely Leaves Landscaping

Although a bit of a tongue twister, this memorable and highly descriptive name leaves a lasting impression, just like the impeccable landscaping work you do. "We'll leave your home lovelier than we found it" could make a great slogan. Ideal for a company known for whipping unruly gardens into shape.

3. Luxe Potato

This is not a reference to Luxe French Potatoes, but it may be the comfort meal clients think of when they hear the name. "Potato" could hint at "couch potato," making this a super name for a brand of luxury loungewear aimed at those who enjoy a snack while catching up on their favorite shows.

4. Bloo Ink Studio

The misspelling in this name is indicative of a disruptive brand that enjoys breaking the rules. Clients searching for slightly different offerings may be interested in paying you a visit. "Ink Studio" calls to mind a tattoo parlor, but this works for film production companies, too.

5. Coated with Chalk

This quirky name will likely be a hit with teachers, artists, and even parents with creative kids. Anyone who's been hard at work at their blackboard, easel, or sketchbook may end up "coated in chalk." Great for an art brand or an interior design company specializing in perking up the classroom.

6. Krazy Penguin

What's black and white with crazy written all over it? Your brand! This offbeat choice is a great name for a game design company, advertising agency, media company, or graphic design brand. Spelling "Krazy" with a "K" instead of a "C" indicates a rebellious streak and provides standout appeal.

7. Color Riot

If your brand is so joyful and vibrant your clients will soon be hearing colors, this one's for you! Simple and powerful, this name works for any creative service that uses color, such as graphic design, lighting design, or branding. "Riot" may hint at the uproar you'll cause as a new brand.

8. Moonwaye Studio

A peaceful, beautiful name for a creative service that works with luxury brands. "Moonwaye" evokes images of silvery light spilling across cobblestones at night — the perfect choice for a company that relies on romance. Think advertising agencies that represent bridal, jewelry, or fashion brands.

9. YellowBird Signs

This makes a clever and descriptive name for an aerial advertising company for brands in search of creative marketing solutions. "Yellow" is often seen as a friendly color, which is great for those creating approachable brands, while "Bird" hints at the airborne nature of your advertisements.

10. Brayzen Branding

This is the place for anyone in search of an edgy, unapologetic branding campaign. The misspelling of "Brayzen" is indicative of your unconventional branding strategies and will help you attract the right clientele. The repetition of the "B" creates an explosive sound and also aids memorability.

11. Brix by Design

This name is an ideal choice for any creative service that works with blocks or bricks. Think architectural designers, landscapers, and even interior designers. The name suggests pieces that have been masterfully crafted and stand in contrast to the ordinary brick, hence the fancy "Brix" spelling.

12. Gauntlet House Games

"Gauntlet," denoting an armored glove, carries medieval connotations that are sure to attract an audience with a love of all things fantastical. Whether you're starting a digital larping site or hoping to be the next Dungeons & Dragons, this powerful name is a timeless option for your business.

13. Village Colors

"Village Colors" may refer to the style of clothing an individual wears, so it differs from one person to the next. This name is ideal for a bespoke clothing business that works with clients to ensure their village colors are respected. "Village" hints at hominess and may suggest comfy ensembles.

14. Mundane Wonders

If your business finds the beauty in the ordinary, this one's for you. Great for a brand selling products that give your home or office space a classy touch. Think companies that make lighting fixtures, furniture, carpets, and similar items. If you put the "extra" in extraordinary, this is for you.

15. Blue Zebra Desk

This name hints at a quirky tech brand, like a user experience design agency. "Blue Zebra" indicates rarity, perhaps suggestive of unmatched customer care, while "Desk" describes the nature of the work you do, such as software design. Add a stylized blue zebra to your logo for a professional touch.

16. The Frosted Rainbow

Imagine you could freeze a rainbow and trap the beauty of that colorful moment forever. Great for a company that makes Christmas lights and strings them up at your house or place of work. It could also work for a graphic design brand or a fashion brand known for its vibrant, whimsical pieces.

17. Brush & Sage Studio

Combining artistry with wisdom, this name will attract discerning clients to your studio. Whether you're starting a photography business, art school, or an artisanal leather brand, this name will help put your business on the map. Use a minimal logo design and neutral colors to create a luxury feel.

18. Crunchy Brands

This playful name will pique anyone's curiosity. "What is a crunchy brand?" People will be dying to know. A fantastic name for an advertising agency that develops strategies best suited to snack or cereal brands that want to create lasting impressions. A fitting slogan will tell people more.

19. The Wildest Mouse

This name has an air of mystery on its own but may be adapted to a range of brands — from game design and advertising to fashion design and art. It hints at a small but powerful force that gets the job done without causing a fuss. Adding a descriptive logo will help communicate your services.

20. 57 Oakes

This stately name is a timeless option for landscaping or interior design companies. The arbitrary "57" paired with "Oakes" sounds like an address and its quiet elegance communicates quality and affordability. "Oakes" may also hint at bespoke furniture that would make excellent statement pieces.

Graphic Design Business Names

Compelling name ideas for your graphic design business.

More Creative Service Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Creative Service Business Names:

  • Idol Art Concepts.
  • Reality 2 Design.
  • Art Me Up.
  • Artisans For Hire.
  • Xtream Art.

Cool Creative Service Business Names:

  • Paint It Rust.
  • Diversify Creative.
  • Glow Artwork.
  • Think Beyond.
  • Elegance Ink.

Unique Creative Service Business Names:

  • Zest Artistry.
  • The Peculiar Studio.
  • A-Z Creative Arts.
  • Le Glam Design.
  • Loving Sculptors.


How do I name my creative service business?

  1. Think about your unique offerings and how you can communicate them in a creative way.
  2. Write down some inspiring and quirky keywords.
  3. Feed these keywords into a business name generator.
  4. Make a list of your top names and share them with friends and family.
  5. Choose the best name for your creative service business.

Where can I find some creative service business name ideas?

You can peruse our list of creative service business name ideas for inspiration.

What are some established creative service business names?

  • Humaan.
  • Hub.
  • Epicosity.
  • Blend.
  • Rhapsody.
  • Hammer Creative.
  • Ralph.
  • McCann.

What types of companies can use creative service business names?

  • Architectural companies.
  • Game design companies.
  • Landscaping companies.
  • Branding companies.
  • Advertising companies.
  • Industrial design companies.
  • Copywriting companies.
  • Media companies.

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