Watch Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Timepieces by Atticus

Combines two premium-sounding keywords to produce a memorable business name.

2. Heirlooms in the Making

Perfect for a store that sells high-quality items that are designed multiple lifetimes.

3. Pinnacle Wristwatches

Synonymous with quality and innovation. Ideal for a business that's truly unique.

4. Little Links Timepieces

A catchy, partially alliterative name. Here, "little links" references the watches' components.

5. Every Watch

Ideal for a business that stocks a wide array of timepieces.

6. The Timekeepers

An intriguing name that's designed to leave a lasting impression.

7. Gently Wound

References the care that goes into making each watch.

8. Obsidian Timepieces

Based on the name of the igneous rock. Suggestive of sleek, distinctive items.

9. The Time Factorie

Alludes to the products instead of mentioning them outright, which may pique curiosity.

10. Dainty Timepieces

Informative and memorable. Ideal for a business that specializes in delicate, feminine watches.

Watch Repair Business Names

Find a unique and memorable name for your watch repair business.

More Watch Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Watch Business Names:

  • Tick 'n' Tune.
  • Time-Tock.
  • The Hidden Hourglass.
  • Suave Suede.
  • Lavish Leather.

Cool Watch Business Names:

  • Ticklington's.
  • The Gentleman's Band.
  • In Good Time.
  • Ticknest.
  • The Wrist Tailor.

Good Watch Company Names:

  • The Wiz's Clock Shop.
  • True Time.
  • The Clocksmith.
  • Watch With Care.
  • Timexle.

Great Watch Store Names:

  • The Great Clock Shop.
  • Little City Watches.
  • The Red Hourglass.
  • A Perfect Hour.
  • The Time Band.

Funny Watch Business Names:

  • Time Twisters.
  • A Second Chance.
  • I Love Clock.
  • Tickley's Time.
  • Tiny Clock Co.

Smart Watch Business Names:

  • Swatchz.
  • Ticko.
  • The Clever Hour.
  • Jeweler of Time.
  • I-Band Lifestyle.


How do I choose a name for my watch business?

  1. Gather all your watch business name options.
  2. Weed out the ones that do not resonate with you.
  3. Ask potential customers for their input on each remaining name.
  4. Comb through your results and identify the crowd favorites.
  5. Give it time to see which name grows on you.
  6. Check if the name is available.
  7. Register the name as your own.

Where can I find a watch business name generator?

Try NameSnack — a free and intuitive business name generator that uses machine learning and instant domain search technology to generate scores of brandable business name ideas. Alternatively, consult our list of watch business names for ideas.

What are some well-known names for a watch business?

  • Rolex.
  • TAG Heuer.
  • Daniel Wellington.
  • Patek Philippe.
  • Casio.

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