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Handbag Business Name Ideas:


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1. Totes Mod

A play on the word "totally," this cute name lets customers know that your tote bags are the chicest around. It pushes the modern aesthetic of your business and hints that your designs are playful and fun.

2. Borsetta

This short and catchy name translates to "handbag" in Italian. It's got a feeling of sophistication and implies that your handbags are made with the same quality and style as luxury Italian brands.

3. Sling & Clutch

If your business creates beautiful handbags of all shapes and sizes, this name will perfectly describe your brand's mandate. It conjures up images of stylish people modeling sling bags, clutches, and other stunning handbags.

4. ZipUp

This punchy name refers to the zipping of one's handbag. It sounds like a call to action and will entice customers to find out more about your stylish handbags and their zippers.

5. Blossom Bags

The word "blossom" instantly evokes images of gorgeous flowers in springtime, which is the perfect way to accentuate the style of a business that designs boho-inspired handbags. It will suit a brand that sells casual bags made from sustainable or organic materials.

6. Tsánta Emporium

Using the Greek word for "handbag," this cool name suggests that your handbag store sells a wide variety of imported handbags that range in style and price. The word "emporium" sounds powerful and professional, highlighting your brand's authenticity.

7. Stitched Statements

An alliterative and fun name that alludes to your handbag business's affinity for handmade, detailed designs with lots of finesse and glamor. The word "statements" implies that your bags are loud, bright, and beautiful.

8. TrendyGrip

This inventive name hints that your handbag business is all about contemporary designs and staying up to date with the latest bag fashion. The word "grip" alludes to the hold you'll have on clients returning to purchase more of your gorgeous creations.

9. Shanta

"Shanta" means "bag" in Arabic and is a great descriptor for a handbag business that favors glamor, refinement, and class. It sounds sassy and will fit both a physical handbag store or an online shop.

10. FabFirst Bags

What do people first notice about a fashionista's outfit? Their handbag! This charming name informs customers that your bags are fabulous statement pieces that will add a touch of elegance to any person's outfit.

Bag Business Names

Wonderful name ideas for a bag business.

More Handbag Business Name Ideas:

Creative Handbag Store Names:

  • The Little Bag Lady.
  • Handbag Fever.
  • Life & Couture.
  • Treasured Secret.
  • Leather Curl.

Catchy Handbag Shop Names:

  • Strand Shop.
  • Closet Trunk.
  • Baggify.
  • Purse Pursuit.
  • Hang Store.

Funny Handbag Business Names:

  • Bagtique.
  • Bag Prestige.
  • Miss Purse.
  • Lady in a Bag.
  • Synthetic Soul.

Cute Handbag Business Names:

  • Big Bag Love.
  • Intimate Nook.
  • Tag & Bag.
  • Le Sac Cave.
  • Match a Bag.


How do I name my handbag store?

  1. Think about the style of your handbags and what makes them unique.
  2. Write down some keywords that describe your business's aesthetic, target market, and location.
  3. Combine these keywords and feed them into a business name generator.
  4. Make a list of the best names and get some feedback from friends or family.
  5. Select the most creative and unique name.
  6. Check if the name is available and register it.

What should I name my handbag business?

You should name your handbag business something that describes the style of your products. Think about keywords that will best represent your brand and combine them to create a unique and memorable name. If you are stuck for ideas, read through our list of handbag business names to spark your imagination.

  • The Sak.
  • Louis Vuitton.
  • Beau & Ro Bag Company.
  • Michael Kors.
  • Gucci.

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