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Bag Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Bags & Co.

This elegant name will look great in a beautiful font. You'll enjoying creating logos with this one!

2. Bag It!

Simple, punchy, and easy to remember. Wonderful choice for those looking to expand.

3. The Bag Specialist

This sophisticated name says you're not just any bag business, you're experts in the field!

4. The Custom Choice

A unique and memorable name that will attract clients looking to create custom bags.

5. Designing Leather

This name may work well for a bag designer who specializes in custom leather bags.

6. Travel Baggers

Ideal for luggage experts. This uncommon choice cleverly plays with the title "travel bloggers."

7. My Bag Supplier

With its familiar and effortless appeal, this name was made for a business with plenty of variety.

8. Restoration Genie

This fun, marketable name hints that your bag restoration work is simply magical.

9. Stylish Strap

A catchy name for a bag business that works well for those who sell glamorous and trendy bags.

10. The Baggage Type

This quirky name has a modern appeal to it. Perfect for those who specialize in travel bags.

Luggage Business Names

Enticing name suggestions for your luggage business.

More Bag Business Name Ideas:

Creative Names for a Bag Business:

  • Pouch A Million.
  • Carry 'N Care.
  • The Purse-uit Craft.
  • Wacky Pockets.
  • My Charm Bucket.

Catchy Bag Business Names:

  • Sassy Sack.
  • Friday Purse.
  • Gadget Luggage.
  • Purse-A-Pop.
  • Bagsalty.

Good Bag Company Names:

  • The Luggage Crafters.
  • Artful Pouches.
  • The Catchy Carryall.
  • Pochette Corner.
  • Sling to Bling.

Unique Bag Store Names:

  • To Carry Style.
  • The Pouch-EZ.
  • Bag-uette.
  • Purse 'N Treasures.
  • The Baggage Spot.

Bag Boutique Names:

  • L'Orbag.
  • Artisan Purse.
  • Bag St.
  • Clutch Couture.
  • L'Attitudes Boutique.

Memorable Bag Company Names:

  • Kiss My Luggage.
  • Just in Case.
  • Nature Leather.
  • Feisty Accessory.
  • Clutchline.

Cool Bag Company Names:

  • Bag'Em World.
  • Designer Sack.
  • Bagsworx.
  • Tidy Life Gallery.
  • Purse-Rite.

Good Bag Business Names:

  • Probag Designs.
  • Fashion Bgs.
  • Handle Some Style.
  • The Pouch Room.
  • The Goodie Sack.

Online Shop Names for Bags:

  • AbagShop.Com.
  • Just4Cabin.
  • FashionFluxx.
  • 01 Backpacks.
  • My Baggage Now.

Tote Bag Business Names:

  • Urban Bag Shop.
  • Suitability Tote.
  • The Tasty Tote.
  • Too Tote.
  • FunkyTown Tote.


How do I choose a name for my bag business?

  1. Comb through your business plan to identify keywords that best describe your brand.
  2. Brainstorm potential name ideas and share them with friends and family.
  3. Use online polls, surveys, and a business name generator for inspiration.
  4. Consider your brand and target market.
  5. Check name availability with the state.
  6. Choose a name and register it.

Where can I find a bag business name generator?

You can visit NameSnack to create a unique name for your bag business. Alternatively, see our list of bag business names to spark your imagination.

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