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Purse Business Name Ideas:


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1. FlexiPurse

This memorable purse business name combines the terms "flexible" and "purse," which emphasizes your brand's adaptability and inventiveness. "Flexi" sounds trendy and youthful, and it reaffirms the idea that your company specializes in purses that are appropriate for different seasons and events.

2. Pouchii

An adorable name that'll be a joy to market. "Pouchii" is a youthful and fashionable name idea inspired by a "pouch," a little bag with a drawstring closure. The double "i" builds on the name's modern charm, making it ideal for a brand looking to attract a hip target market.

3. Merch Purse

A cool and modern name idea that offers plenty of room for business expansion. "Merch" is an abbreviation of "merchandise," which suggests that you specialize in personalized items, while "Purse" highlights your area of expertise.

4. Go Tote

A simple name that starts with a positive action verb. Perfect for those who sell tote bags. "Go" encourages swift action and promises even faster results, while "Tote" emphasizes your brand's affinity for casual handbags.

5. The Pink Pouch

A memorable name idea that has connotations of femininity, thanks to the mention of "Pink," a color traditionally associated with little girls and womanhood. "The" helps mature the name and hints that you're the best option for adorable pink pouches.

6. Simple Sack

A catchy name that could work for a business specializing in modest purse designs. "Simple" could also refer to affordable prices, attracting shoppers looking for a fair bargain. "Sack," a large bag made of durable material, guarantees quality purses that provide good storage.

7. Sure Wallet

A simple but modern name idea that sounds like the beginning of a memorable slogan. "Sure" promises dependability and guaranteed service, while "Wallet" refers to the specialty of your brand. This is a great name for a handbag company that makes long-lasting wallets.

8. Purse & Peachy

The repetitive "P" sound is a joy to say out loud and it helps promote brand recognition. By placing "Purse" at the start of the name, your brand's specialty is immediately highlighted. "Peachy" is a unique pairing that offers great branding possibilities.

9. Pursie

A snappy, cool, and fun purse company name that would look fantastic in pink branding. The deliberate misspelling of "purse" adds a modern flair that sounds cute and youthful. For an extra wow factor, consider adding a unique and eye-catching logo.

10. The Purse Smith

This clever purse shop name pays a nod to locksmiths, which cleverly reassures customers that your purses are secure and long-lasting. While "The" adds authority to the name, "Smith" promises expert knowledge and innovative purse designs.

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More Purse Business Name Ideas:

Cute Purse Business Names:

  • Sandy's Sack.
  • The Mobile Pocket.
  • Baggity Bags.
  • Charm Bag.
  • Purse My Paradise.

Purse Boutique Names:

  • Purse Couture Outlet.
  • Carried Away.
  • Pocketbook Queen.
  • Pouch Palace.
  • The Purse Shack.

Attractive Purse Business Names:

  • Purse Bazaar.
  • Pandora Parlour.
  • Fancy Sack.
  • Happiness In Totes.
  • The Purse Crafters.


How do I choose a purse business name?

  1. Consider your target market, brand, products, and services.
  2. Brainstorm purse name ideas and feed them to a business name generator.
  3. Use online polls and surveys.
  4. Ask family and friends for feedback.
  5. Conduct a name availability search in your state.
  6. Choose a modern name and register it.

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