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Palindromic Business Name Ideas:


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1. Eetee

If an eater is someone who eats food, is an "eetee" someone who serves food? This is the perfect name for a culinary magazine or community of food lovers. Eating is associated with happiness and fulfilment, and the name "Eetee" puts a smile on the lips of its speakers.

2. Yoboy

This palindromic business name sounds like someone saying, "Yo, boy!" and has a young and hip appeal. This makes it ideal for an urban clothing brand aimed at young men. It is trendy, catchy, and fun to say.

3. Radar Rotor

A radar is a device that can pick up an object's location and a rotor is a rotating object in a mechanical system. When combined, they make a great name for an engineering or robotics company that wants to showcase its technical supremacy and attention to detail.

4. 2 + 2

Palindromic names need not be confined to letters of the alphabet. The more complex and distinctive your palindrome, the more impressive it is. "2 + 2" is unique for a business name and suits one with an identity of unity, logic, and balance.

5. Neten

"Neten" has a mysterious appeal and almost sounds like the word "nothing." This gives it a sophisticated, philosophical identity that suits a fashion label or perfume brand. It is a catchy palindromic brand name.

6. Repaper

"Repaper" is an ideal name for a DIY shop, home improvement store, or painting and repurposing service. While not immediately noticeable as a palindrome, the business name can be designed so that the ending "R" is also capitalized. This will draw the viewer's eye to its unique property.

7. 414

Is 414 the secret code to an exclusive club, a code name for a clandestine project, or the pin to pick an important lock? This name communicates mystery, intrigue, and exclusivity, and suits a luxury brand or nightclub.

8. Dog God

This palindrome is unique because only when you combine the two words is the palindrome formed, although each word, when read backwards, flips the name around. It is a rare and memorable business name that works for a company that caters to dog owners.

9. VAV

This name works for a company with the initials "VAV." The palindrome gives it intrigue, but its geometry creates a dynamic and striking image, too. It produces what looks like three triangles in a row, with the middle triangle facing upwards.

10. Tototot

A tot is a cute way of referring to a small child. It has an affable air that makes you want to hum the name with glee. "Tototot" is a great name for a children's brand that caters to all child-related needs, be it baby food or baby clothes.

11. Fixif

This palindrome has the word "fix" in it, making it suitable for a repair shop, be it smartphone repair, automotive repair, or anything that involves fixing. "If" tells customers that you repair the damage, even if they are beyond salvaging.

12. Xodox

"Xodox," pronounced "zodox," resembles the name of a supervillain from a Marvel movie. It has a menacing air that carries authority and power, making it ideal for a brand with an edgy and mysterious personality.

13. Pixip

Images of pixies and fairies come to mind with this short and cute palindrome. "Pixip" also casts the mind to the word "pixels." Perhaps this name best suits a gaming production company known for its fantasy games.

14. Lalal

Is this business name short for "lullaby"? It shares the same adorable aesthetic as the word and produces the same effect of lulling us to sleep. This is a great palindromic company name for a children's brand.

15. GAG

A "gag" is a funny little sketch or joke that is made at someone's expense. This gives the name a playful and friendly personality and suits a brand with a whacky identity, such as a party store or accessories shop.

16. Soxos

"Soxos" sounds like the word hipsters use for "socks." It brings to mind an image of a crazy sock store featuring socks of all manner of whacky designs and materials. The "x" in the middle of the word acts as a pivot that balances the rest of the word.

17. Seebees

"Seebees" is the place you take your kids to see bees. This is a fun and humorous name for a honey farm where kids can learn about how honey is made. It also works as a name for a live music venue. The rhyming nature of the name gives it an extra element of play.

18. Rollor

This palindromic business name sounds like the word "roller." It can suit a construction company, a hair salon, or even a theme park with a roller coaster. The name is catchy and rolls off the tongue.

19. Kitik

"Kitik" sounds like the word "kittie," which, when translated from adorable, reads "cat." This is a cute name that suits a community of feline lovers or a pet shop that caters exclusively to cats and kittens.

20. ISSI

ISSI is catchy and fun to say. The name rolls off the tongue and makes positive associations between brand and consumer. A business need not have a reason for using this name, as the less people know about it, the more intriguing it becomes.

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More Palindromic Business Name Ideas:

Cool Palindromic Business Names:

  • Top Spot.
  • LOL.
  • Decalaced.
  • WAYAW.
  • H2O2H.

Funny Palindromic Business Names:

  • Taco Cat.
  • Flowolf.
  • Runnur.
  • Eezee.

Catchy Palindromic Business Names:

  • Sagas.
  • 191.
  • $A$.
  • Stats.
  • Edit Tide.


What makes a business name palindromic?

A business name is palindromic if it reads the same when read from left to right and from right to left. A palindromic business name doesn't have to consist of letters. Numeric palindromes can serve as palindromic business names, as can alphanumeric palindromes. See our list of palindromic business names for inspiration.

How do I name a palindromic business?

  1. Review your business plan and think about keywords that communicate your brand ethos.
  2. Make a list of adjectives and verbs that describe your business and play around with them to try and fashion a palindrome.
  3. Run all of your keywords through a business name generator.
  4. Shortlist your favorite names and ask friends and family for feedback.
  5. Check the availability of your favorite business name and secure it.

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