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Medieval Business Name Ideas:


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1. Chaucer's Cauldron

"Chaucer" is the most famous poet of the Middle Ages. Naming a business after him will indicate that it is Medieval. "Cauldron" can be used for a restaurant or cafe, or it can be used for a bookstore or writing school.

2. Guinevere's Ladies

If you have an all-female staff, then referencing Lady Guinevere will be very effective as it indicates a thoroughness associated with servants working in a palace. The name is suitable for a cleaning crew, caregivers, or drivers of cabs for females.

3. Merle's

The well-known Medieval wizard, Merlin, is named after the French word "merle" meaning "blackbird." "Merle's" can be used for a restaurant, clothing or book store, or a gift shop.

4. Dante's Place

When opening an art or book-related business, referencing "Dante" in the name will instill trust in clients. The name tells that you will sell classical works, whether it is art, books, or music.

5. Ladies in Waiting

"Ladies in Waiting" is a great name for a maternity store. The name is a fun reference to Medieval ladies waiting on the queen and other prominent ladies of the realm. The name is also suitable for a business that trains and supplies housekeepers for upper-class households.

6. Peasants and Paupers

Referencing these hardworking, ordinary people makes your business accessible to Joe Public. The alliteration of the "P" makes the name memorable. It is suitable for a bar, a roadside cafe, and a fancy-dress store.

7. Peronell's

"Peronell" is listed as a favorite female Medieval name. The name will suit a gift shop, cafe, bakery, clothing store, or restaurant. Any woman's name from the era can replace Peronell. Examples are Guinevere, Elizabeth, Katherine, and Eleanor.

8. Castles and Crusades

"Castles and Crusades" will make an excellent name for a travel company organizing tours throughout Europe and the Middle East. The name can also be used for live-action role-playing or LARPing companies.

9. Cooks and Maidens

Consider this name for a fancy dress or costume store. Maidens and cooks were responsible for maintaining the households of the nobles and royals. Therefore, the name is also suitable for cleaning and home management companies.

10. The Knight's Ale House

Beers and ales were the drink of ordinary people in the Medieval period. Knights also dominate tales from the era telling of their heroic tales. In the same way, your beerhouse will become the starting place of heroic stories and great adventures.

11. Vikings and Magyars

"Magyars" are originally from the Urals and lived the same time as the Vikings. They later became the Hungarians and contributed largely to the development of modern-day Europe. In the same way, your business will lead to great inventions. The name is ideal for a logistics or shipping company.

12. Clovis and Clotilda

The story of Clovis and Clotilda is one of the better-known love stories of the Medieval era. Therefore, it will be ideal for a his-and-hers business such as a clothing line. The alliteration of the "C" makes the name memorable as it adds a sing-song quality to the name.

13. The Square Table

This wordplay on King Arthur's Round Table will be a fun name for a restaurant or a charity assisting people in distress. As the Round Table led to great victories, discussions at "The Square Table" will lead to great achievements.

14. In Chambers

Secret meetings were held "In Chambers" in the Medieval Era. Therefore, naming your business "In Chambers" references in-confidence conversations taking place at your company instilling trust. It is a great name for a law firm as it also references a judge's office.

15. The Invaders

Sporting clubs or entertainment businesses will benefit from a name like "The Invaders." It indicates that you will be making advances in your business or club.

16. The Canterbury Tails

If you are looking for a fun name for a butchery, this reference to "The Canterbury Tales" will be very memorable. It references the work of Geoffrey Chaucer in which the butcher plays a prominent role. The wordplay will tell patrons that you will walk the extra mile for them as the pilgrims did.

17. Masons/ Mason's

This name can be used two-fold. It can be used in reference to bricklaying, or alternatively, it can be used in reference to the name "Mason" which was derived from the medieval bricklayers. "Mason's" can be used with a variety of businesses, while "Masons" is in reference to construction work.

18. The Candlestick Maker

In the Middle Ages, the candlestick maker had an important job. Not only did they supply decorative candlesticks, but they provided an essential service as candles were the only source of light. Use the name if you produce candles or candlesticks or for a gift or decor store.

19. The Blacksmith's Anvil

Just as blacksmiths were the craftsmen of the Medieval Period, your creative business can become the trendsetters in your community. Anvils were the basic tools used by blacksmiths, referencing that you have the right tools for any job. It furthermore indicates that your products are custom-made.

20. Sonnets & Symphonies

Classic art forms from the Middle Ages are known for harmony, balance, and proportion. In the same way, your artistic business will bring harmony and balance to clients. The alliteration of the "S" gives it a melodious sound emphasizing the artistic nature of your business.

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More Medieval Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Medieval Business Names:

  • Maiden's Brew.
  • Nine Vikings.
  • Castle & Court.
  • Ale4All.
  • Tavern Brothers.

Fancy Medieval Business Names:

  • FairIron.
  • The Dragon's Tower.
  • ForesTales.
  • Knightly Spirit.
  • Queen's Bow.


How do I choose a medieval business name?

  1. Conduct some research on the Medieval Era and the careers from the time.
  2. Make a list of some keywords that reflect the time period.
  3. Combine these keywords and feed them into a business name generator.
  4. Write down your favorite names and test them with friends and family.
  5. Check if your favorite name is available and secure it.

Is there a medieval business name generator?

Yes, NameSnack is a free and intuitive tool that can create scores of brandable business name ideas from a few input keywords.

What are some real-life medieval business names?

  • Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament.
  • Dragon Bing.
  • Applebee's Grill + Bar.
  • Tournament of Kings.
  • Excalibur Hotel.
  • Sherwood Forest Faire.

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