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Korean Restaurant Name Ideas:


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1. Seoul Food

This trendy name idea is a play on the word "Seoul" as a city in Korea and a homonym for "soul."

2. Red Pepper Life

Promote your Korean restaurant by using red pepper, a core ingredient in Korean food, in the name.

3. Korean Street Flair

Bring some Korean culture to your restaurant with this nod to Korea's street food life.

4. Kimchi & Kpop

This fun, alliterative name idea is inspired by two of the most popular things in Korea.

5. The K-Style Restaurant

This cool name idea is inspired by Kpop, Kdrama, and all things Korean!

6. The Bulgogi Restaurant

A simple name idea that celebrates one of Korea's famous beef dishes.

7. Aegyo Korea

"Aegyo" is a Korean term for a "cute display of affection" and is almost a way of life in Korea.

8. Korean Food Love

A cute Korean restaurant name that draws inspiration from Korea's love of good food.

9. My Kimchi Seoul

Celebrate the kimchi trend with this catchy name idea that uses "Seoul" as a homonym for "soul."

10. The Ginseng Chicken Room

Invite your customers to try one of Korea's famous dishes with this trendy name idea.

Korean Business Names

Korean business names for a range of industries.

More Korean Restaurant Business Name Ideas:

Funny Korean Restaurant Names:

  • Gangnam Smile.
  • Seoul Man.
  • Banchanation.
  • Konglishious.
  • Wise Old Seoul.

Unique Korean Restaurant Business Names:

  • Boseong Tea Garden.
  • Korea Calling.
  • Smiling Cherry.
  • Incheon Eatery.
  • Sweet Seoul Eatery.

Cool Korean Restaurant Names:

  • Restaurant K-Pop.
  • Foodopia Seoul.
  • Dine Insadong.
  • Kimchi Hut.
  • Savor Seoul.

Catchy Korean Restaurant Business Names:

  • The Banchan Bar.
  • Krispy Korea.
  • Delights From Daegu.
  • KoKo Korean Grill.
  • Kimchi and Kola.

Good Korean Cafe Names:

  • The House of Korea.
  • Flavors of Incheon.
  • Pink Blossom Bistro.
  • Korean Food Shrine.
  • Royal Dynasty Deli.

Korean BBQ Restaurant Names:

  • Korean BBQ Style.
  • K-Style Munchies.
  • Hungry4Korea.
  • Bulgogi, Baby!
  • Korean BBQ Market.

Great Korean Restaurant Names:

  • Korea Delight.
  • Gangnam Garden.
  • Seoul Vibes Bistro.
  • Jeju Island Bites.
  • Cantina Korea.

Authentic Korean Restaurant Names:

  • Busan Bistro.
  • Kimchi Corner.
  • Banchan Fever.
  • Old Jeonju Kitchen.
  • Spirit of Seoraksan.

Memorable Korean Cafe Names:

  • KpopSoda.
  • Seoul Fusion Cafe.
  • Cafe Hanok.
  • Sweet Cherry Blossom.
  • Camphor Tree Café.


How do I choose a Korean restaurant name?

  1. Review the market, your competitors, and your business plan and compile a list of keywords.
  2. Research Korean culture and cuisine and add related keywords to your list.
  3. Use a business name generator.
  4. Shortlist your favorite names and check their availability.
  5. Make sure your name ideas don't have negative connotations.
  6. Get the name.

What are some famous Korean restaurant business names?

  • Jungsik.
  • Girin Korean Ssam Bar.
  • Oiji.
  • Sam Oh Jung.
  • Han Oak.
  • Crisp.
  • Her Name is Han.

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