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Pan-Asian Restaurant Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Sweet N' Spicy

Suggests that your Pan-Asian restaurant serves a wide variety of Asian dishes.

2. From The East

A broad name that is fitting for a Pan-Asian establishment.

3. The Giant Pan

A funny name that alludes to the size of the Asian contient.

4. Asia's Finest

Suggests that you serve up the finest dishes from across the continent.

5. Vast Pan-Asian

Alludes to the size of your menu and the size of the continent.

6. Asianture

Promises customers that dining at your restaurant is like an adventure across Asia.

7. Pantastic

A combination of the words "Pan" and "fantastic."

8. All Things Asia

A direct name that tells customers exactly what you offer.

9. Asian Selections

Perfect for a fine-dining Pan-Asian restaurant.

10. Foreign Flavors

An intriguing name that will catch peoples' attention.

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More Pan-Asian Restaurant Business Name Ideas:

Good Pan-Asian Restaurant Business Names:

  • Spinnin' Pots.
  • The Aromatic Pan.
  • Jasmine Bamboo Grill.
  • Emperor's Eatery.
  • Mochi Mania.

Catchy Pan-Asian Restaurant Business Names:

  • Ombre Thai.
  • Fusion Grille.
  • Wok & Bao.
  • The Lotus Kitchen.
  • Niwatori Hut.

Memorable Pan-Asian Restaurant Business Names:

  • Gogi 'n' Soju.
  • PanFried Asian Cuisine.
  • Zesty Cāntīng.
  • Ginger Aroma.
  • Eumsig Market.


What should be included in a Pan-Asian restaurant name?

There is plenty of room for creativity when it comes to naming your Pan-Asian restaurant. However, your name should include words or images that will help the casual passerby to associate your restaurant with Asian cuisine. Take a look at our list of examples for inspiration.

Is there a Pan-Asian restaurant name generator?

Yes, NameSnack is a free and intuitive tool that can create scores of brandable Pan-Asian restaurant names from a few input keywords.

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