Chinese Restaurant Business Name Ideas:


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1.The Fujian Tree

Great for a place where Fujian cuisine is served. Think exotic dishes made with fresh ingredients.

2.Blossom Egg

A fun name that calls to mind cherry blossoms and eggs that are commonly used in Chinese cuisine.

3.The Hot Duck

"Duck" is often used in Chinese cuisine. Spicy duck's head might be the signature dish here.

4.Hǎixiān Flavor House

"Hǎixiān" means seafood in Mandarin. A great name for an eatery focused Zhejiang or Jiangsu cuisine.

5.Jiǎozi Huāyuán

Translates to "Dumpling Garden." A quaint name for a place where good food and tea can be enjoyed.

6.The Nested Temple

The name suggests comfort and spirituality. A place where you can have a meal in a tranquil setting.

7.The Rabbit Pot

May hint at hearty stews and soups. Great for a Szechuan cuisine eatery.

8.Mystic Hill

This name will definitely generate interest. Great for a secret Chinese supper club.

9.Sacred Bun

Minimalistic and memorable. Steamed buns are staples in Chinese cuisine.

10.Fire Sesame

A simple name, suggestive hot Chinese dishes prepared with a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

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What are some unique names for Chinese restaurants?

  • The Fujian Tree.
  • Blossom Egg.
  • The Hot Duck.
  • Hǎixiān Flavor House.
  • Jiǎozi Huāyuán.

What are some cool names for Chinese restaurants?

  • The Nested Temple.
  • The Rabbit Pot.
  • Mystic Hill.
  • Sacred Bun.
  • Fire Sesame.

What are some memorable names for Chinese restaurants?

  • The Rabbit Pot.
  • The Fujian Tree.
  • Blossom Egg.
  • The Hot Duck.
  • Mystic Hill.

How do I pick a name for my Chinese restaurant?

  • Consider the type of cuisine you'll be serving, your clients, and your location.
  • Look at the names of existing Chinese eateries.
  • Find words associated with Chinese culture.
  • Make a list of keywords and combine them to form names.
  • Feed some keywords through NameSnack.
  • Share your top names with potential clients.
  • Register your best name.

What are some existing names of Chinese restaurants?

  • Yu Kitchen.
  • Friendship Foods BBQ.
  • You Garden Xiao Long Bao.
  • Haidilao.
  • Szechwan Absolute.

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