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Asian Food Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Purple Panda Food Market

A catchy name that feels fun and vibrant. This name stands out and is easy to remember.

2. Great Manila

Suitable for an Asian supermarket that primarily stocks Filipino food products.

3. Orient Express Mart

A striking name that reminds people of the passenger train service. Suitable for a Pan-Asian store.

4. Dragon Deli

An alliterative name that associates your business with the qualities of a mythical creature.

5. Asian Food Connection

A simple name that clearly conveys what the business stocks and sells.

6. Pure Lotus

A delightful name that sounds clean and brings to mind images of a beautiful and delicate flower.

7. Amazing Asia Market

This dazzling name lets customers expect an extensive selection of Asian products.

8. Asia-Pacific Portal

A catchy name that feels modern and could work well for an online store.

9. Seoul Food

This short and catchy name is suitable for a Korean supermarket or restaurant.

10. Far East Food Supplies

This name is simple but effective, describing exactly what the business is about.

How to Name an Asian Fusion Restaurant

A 10-step process to naming an Asian fusion restaurant.

More Asian Food Business Name Ideas:

Cool Asian Food Restaurant Names:

  • Hot Head Bun.
  • The Mein Chow.
  • Dragon Soup King.
  • Taste Taiwan.
  • Chow Down With Rice.

Good Asian Food Restaurant Names:

  • Miso Noodle House.
  • Bowl Of Flavor.
  • The Chophouse.
  • Yummi Buns.
  • Daring Dumplings.

Inventive Asian Food Business Names:

  • Phoenix Noodles.
  • Mi Mi Noodle.
  • Dragon Rice Noodle.
  • Soyulicious.
  • The Dumpling Diva.

Great Asian Market Names:

  • Magic Noodle Bowl.
  • The Soya Grill.
  • Soyuzan.
  • The Ramen Express.
  • Bao Down.

Funny Asian Restaurant Names:

  • Only Pho You.
  • Thai In The Kitchen.
  • Miso Hungry.
  • Uncle Noodles.
  • That's Frying Rice.


How do I come up with an Asian food restaurant name?

  1. Review your business plan.
  2. Think about the shopping experience you want to offer.
  3. Make a list of keywords.
  4. Look for synonyms and related words.
  5. Combine words to create name ideas or use a business name generator.
  6. Create a shortlist of name ideas.
  7. Get feed from friends and potential customers.
  8. Check name availability.
  9. Secure the best name

Is there an Asian food business name generator?

Yes, NameSnack is a free and intuitive tool that can create scores of unique Asian food business name ideas from a few input keywords.

What are some existing Asian food business names?

  • 99 Ranch Market.
  • Hong Kong Supermarket.
  • Lion Supermarket.
  • Great Wall Supermarket.
  • Good Fortune Supermarket.
  • New Asian Market.
  • Island Pacific Supermarket.

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