Korean Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Seoul Sisters

The perfect name for a karaoke lounge or jazz bar. The alliteration also makes it memorable.

2. Incheon Insurance

A suitable name for an insurance firm catering to a Korean demographic.

3. Kimchi Lovers

Kimchi is a popular and healthy Korean food enjoyed globally. A good name.

4. Daegu Dance

A great name for a nightclub known for its K-Pop crowd.

5. Dak-galbi Diner

A great name for a Korean restaurant known for its hearty cuisine.

6. Bibimbap Palace

"Palace" suggests yours is an upmarket Korean restaurant serving authentic Korean food.

7. Busan Builders

A great name for a construction company known for its Korean-styled architecture.

8. Gwangju Gardens

A handy name for a Korean-style horticulturist. Rolls off the tongue.

9. Bulgogi Kitchen

"Kitchen" suggests yours is a low-budget Korean establishment. A good name.

10. Bucheon Butchers

A great name for a butcher selling Korean meat in Korean neighborhood.

11. Japchae House

A great name for a Korean-style restaurant selling traditional Korean food.

12. Yongin Yoga

The ideal name for a Korean yoga studio. Catchy and fun to say.

13. Suwon Security

An apt name for a Korean security firm. Catchy alliteration.

14. Ulsan Upholstery

An ideal name for a Korean upholsterer selling traditional Korean furniture too.

15. Changwon Chiropractors

The repeated "ch" sound creates a musical effect. A fun, catchy name.

16. Goyang Go-carts

Fun alliteration. Great name for a Korean-themed go-carting business.

17. Ansan Artists

A handy name for an art school that specializes in the teaching of Korean art.

18. Korean Vegan

The perfect name for a Korean restaurant specializing in vegan foods.

19. Authentically Korean

A no-frills name that tells customers exactly what they get: authentic Korean food.

20. My Korean Restaurant

"My" imparts a sense of familiarity on customers. Yours is the Korean restaurant customers trust.

Korean Restaurant Business Names

Cute and catchy name ideas for your Korean restaurant.

More Korean Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Korean Store Names:

  • Korea’s Tastique.
  • The Crazy Kims.
  • Hello Hallyu.
  • Take, Win, Do.
  • Seoulicious.

Korean Street Food Business Names:

  • Go-Gi Grill.
  • Krazy Korean Kuisine.
  • Bibimbap Bar.
  • Korean BBQ House.
  • The Taiji Touch.

Unique Korean Business Names:

  • Koreanique.
  • Kibun’s Concept.
  • Hongdae Vibes.
  • Chincha Collections.
  • Yoongi Cosmetics.

Inventive Korean Company Names:

  • K-Botic Revolution.
  • Chegye Solutions.
  • Noon-chi Communications.
  • Imoogi Intellix.
  • Tigertec.

Cool Korean Company Names:

  • K-Style Solutions.
  • Gangnam Delights.
  • A Seoul Retreat.
  • Sung’s Success.
  • High Biscus.

Kimchi Business Names:

  • Kimchi Kisses.
  • Mr. Kim’s Kitchen.
  • Simply Masitda.
  • Auntie Chae’s Bowls.
  • The Legend of Kimchi.


How can I come up with some Korean business names?

  1. Brainstorm some potential names.
  2. Think about words and concepts related to your Korean business, target audience, and mission statement.
  3. Try combining words or use a business name generator.
  4. Review and reflect on your list.
  5. Gain feedback.
  6. Check the name's availability.
  7. Secure the name.

What makes a good Korean business name?

A good Korean business name draws from aspects of Korean life, including Korean geography, culture, history, and landmarks, in a clever and catchy way. Associating your business with these words will increase your Korean appeal.

What are some existing Korean store names?

  • H Mart.
  • Assi Plaza.
  • Arirang Supermarket.
  • Mmaah Korean BBQ Express.
  • Kim'C Market.

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