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Asian Restaurant Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. MiKi Noodle Bar

This business name adds a personal touch through the use of "MiKi," which could be the owner's name. Noodles are used in many Asian dishes, telling customers what kind of cuisine they can expect at your restaurant.

2. Sweet Asian House

A pretty straightforward name idea for an Asian restaurant. The use of "Sweet" in the name is inspired by the sweet and sour flavorings used in many Asian dishes.

3. Fuji Noodle & Grill

A great name for a Japanese restaurant, it is inspired by Mount Fuji in Japan. This business name also celebrates two styles of cuisine in Japan: noodle dishes, such as ramen, and grilled dishes, such as yakitori.

4. Ming Soon Dragon

"Ming Soon" could be the name of the restaurant owner, creating a personal link between the owner and the customer. However, Ming could also reference the dynasty famous for its delicate pottery. A pretty name idea for a Chinese restaurant.

5. Pho Thai Star

This fun name idea combines three seemingly random keywords to create a message of excellence in the Thai dish, pho. Customers will be intrigued to enter your restaurant and try your five-star pho dishes.

6. A-May-Zing Asia

A cool name idea for an Asian restaurant. The use of "A-May-Zing" is a play on the word "amazing," drawing it out phonetically to create a humorous effect.

7. The Wok and the Roll

This fun name idea is a misspelling of "Rock and Roll" to make it suitable for an Asian restaurant. Woks are often used to cook Asian dishes.

8. New Asian Dynasty

This beautiful name idea tells customers that your Asian restaurant is bringing about a nouveau cuisine that will renew people's love of Asian food.

9. Sweet Pho

A cute name idea for a Thai restaurant that specializes in pho. This business name is simple, short, and catchy and will grab customers' attention.

10. The Hot Tofu Box

A fun, humorous name idea, the use of "Hot" can reference the hot soups and fried tofu dishes you sell, or it could reference the good looks of your tofu dishes. Use a fun logo of a sexy tofu cartoon with this business name.

Asian Business Names

Exotic and inspiring Asian business name ideas.

More Asian Restaurant Business Name Ideas:

Best Asian Restaurant Names:

  • Seoul Food.
  • The Asian Hot Spot.
  • My Asian Eatery.
  • The Zen Chef.
  • Wok of Happiness.

Cool Asian Restaurant Names:

  • Fuzion.
  • Kim’s Kitchen.
  • Sizzling Sensei.
  • The Angry Duck House.
  • Seoulmates Restaurant.

Catchy Asian Restaurant Names:

  • Teriyaki Terrace.
  • Ramen Rave.
  • Saigon Secrets.
  • Fiery Dragon.
  • Miso Moments.

Funny Asian Restaurant Names:

  • Panda’s Box.
  • Pho Poems.
  • Choppy Chopstix.
  • Spice 'n' Noodle.
  • Wok’s Up.

Asian Food Restaurant Names:

  • Ginger Noodle House.
  • Dana Thai Cafe.
  • Hakko Gourmet.
  • Bam! The Curry Hut.
  • Yuk's Fried Rice.

Southeast Asian Restaurant Names:

  • Furious Curry.
  • Amok on the Grill.
  • Kahari's Kitchen.
  • Hainanese Express.
  • Shin Thai Takeaways.


How do I choose a name for my Asian restaurant?

  1. Come up with as many names as you can. Use a business name generator to help you.
  2. Sleep on it, then narrow it down to a list of favorites.
  3. Find real potential clients, for example, by going to a potential location for your Asian restaurant, and see what they think of the names.
  4. Check name availability in the state.

Where can I find an Asian restaurant name generator?

Try NameSnack — this AI-powered business name generator creates hundreds of name ideas in seconds based on user-input keywords and categories. For inspiration, browse through our examples of Asian restaurant business names.

What are some existing names of Asian restaurants?

  • Ooka Chinese & Japanese Restaurant.
  • Basil Ginger.
  • Singing Pandas Asian Restaurant & Bar.
  • Three Fold Noodles and Dumpling.
  • T&Z Chinese Restaurant.

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