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Veteran Business Name Ideas:


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1. GoFasters Shoes

A term for shoes or sneakers in the military, "GoFasters" is descriptive of your product, speaks directly to a target market of former members, and pays homage to years of service in the military. This name is easy to remember.

2. Jawa Joe

"Jawa" and "Joe" are both commonly used military terms that refer to soldiers stationed in the desert. This name could be used for a restaurant that sells Middle East-inspired food or even a business that specializes in survival gear for hot and dry climates.

3. Bravo Placements

"Bravo" is a great word to use in a veteran business name because it means "congratulations" and is also frequently used in the phonetic alphabet. Use this catchy name to give your veteran clients the idea that your recruitment business helps former service members find employment successfully.

4. Alpha to Zulu Plumbing

This name uses the phonetic alphabet to convey the notion of A to Z, meaning your business will handle everything to get the job done. The name is versatile and, depending on your services, can be tweaked according to your business's specialty.

5. Fidelis Sales

"Fidelis" means "faithful" in Latin and is used by different uniformed branches of the U.S. military, like the Marine Corps and U.S. Coastguard, as part of their mottos.​ This name is memorable and will strike an emotional note with veterans.

6. November 11 Productions

This name brings to mind Veterans Day or Armistice Day, celebrated annually on November 11. By using it in your name, you'll be communicating the deep respect and reverence you have for veterans and fallen service members.

7. Crumb Catcher Snacks

Another slang term used in the military, "crumb catcher" means "mouth" to service members and veterans. This name works great for a business that sells tasty snacks and on-the-go meals to hardworking patriots.

8. The 4/7 Diner

This name references Independence Day and is perfect for a restaurant that serves American classics like hotdogs, burgers, and bagels. The name is abstract but will inspire customers and fellow veterans to try out your food every day of the week.

9. Always Faithful Finance

This name is the English translation of the Marine Corps motto, "Semper Fidelis." By using it as your business name, you'll let fellow veterans know which branch you served in and communicate that your business follows the same principles of dedication, service, and care.

10. Hat Up Movers

"Hat Up" is military slang for "move" or "move out." The phrase works really well for a relocation business, transport business, or a moving company. Other veterans will immediately know why you chose it for your business, and it doesn't hurt that the name is easy to pronounce.

Military Business Names

Professional name ideas for your military business.

More Veteran Business Name Ideas:

Good Army Veteran Business Names:

  • The Eagle Keeper.
  • Geardo Tactical.
  • The Red Team Review.
  • Hat Up Construction.
  • Zone of Action.

Memorable Veteran-owned Business Names:

  • Gunner's Security Co.
  • Pvt. Geronimo.
  • Frontline Fixtures.
  • Alpha Tango Bar & Grill.
  • Big Voice Systems.

Cool Veteran Company Names:

  • The Combat Squad.
  • Old Glory Grill.
  • The Oorahs.
  • Hawk Clothing & Co.
  • Airman's Pub.

Catchy Veteran Shop Names:

  • Sgt. Desserts.
  • Hero's Valley.
  • Air2Air.
  • The Bronze Eagle.
  • Olde Saddles.

Interesting Veteran Business Names:

  • Ammo Crusher.
  • Marine's Kitchen.
  • Fangs Force.
  • The Pilot's Pistol.
  • MuscleVets.

Good Veteran Construction Company Names:

  • Warhorse Work Co.
  • Old Master Developments.
  • The Hawk Hammer.
  • Bravo Bronze Renovations.
  • Left Right Construction.


How do I come up with a veteran business name?

  1. List keywords that best describe your veteran company's specialty, services, and some main points about your approach to business.
  2. Try combining your keywords or feeding them into a business name generator to create some names.
  3. Jot down your favorite options.
  4. Ask friends and potential clients for feedback on your shortlisted names.
  5. Check if your chosen name is available and register it.

Where can I find some unique veteran business names?

You can peruse our list of unique veteran business name ideas for inspiration.

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