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Trailer Rental Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Hire Haul

A fun alliterative name that tells potential customers exactly what services you offer.

2. Travel Hitch

A fun name with great slogan and logo options.

3. Solid Haul

"Solid" gives this business name a sense of strength and safety.

4. Rental Transit

This professional name tells clients about your services without limiting your future growth.

5. Ride Shipment

Tell people how they can transport their goods with this creative name idea.

6. Premium Rental

A great name to showcase the high-quality services your trailer rental business offers.

7. Transit Knight

Be your customers' knight in shining trailers and save them from the troubles of moving!

8. My Road Rental

"My" personifies your business and tells people that they will be the ones operating the trailers.

9. Rental Movers

A fun, creative name that offers great logo design options.

10. The Transit Trailer

"Transit" tells customers what they can do with the trailers they rent from your business.

How to Name a Trucking Company

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More Trailer Rental Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Trailer Business Names:

  • Move-in Trailer.
  • Desert Road Rent.
  • Ship Suite.
  • Father Flatbed.
  • Proweight Hitch.

Cool Trailer Company Names:

  • Dr. Dry Van.
  • Top Car Traction.
  • Tornado Way Rental.
  • The Trailer District.
  • Captain's Haul.

Great Trailer Rental Business Names:

  • Load & Lowboy.
  • The Traileros.
  • Fleet Transport Rental.
  • Bond Rent Haul.
  • A Rig Town.

Good Trailer Rental Names:

  • Refrigerated Roadies.
  • Exact Conveyance.
  • Ship to Haul.
  • Flatbeds Fo' Sale.
  • Royal Trucking Rig.

Unique Trailer Rental Company Names:

  • Trailife.
  • The Trailer Tail.
  • Hitch & Wheels.
  • Trailerent Pro.
  • Ride Now Carrier.


How do I choose a trailer rental business name?

  1. Review your business plan and ideal customer profile and compile a list of keywords.
  2. Research the industry and add related keywords to your list.
  3. Combine keywords from your list or run them through a business name generator to generate name ideas.
  4. Check your favorite names for a domain, state, and trademark availability.
  5. Ask for feedback on your top names.
  6. Get the name.

What should I name my trailer rental business?

Your trailer rental business name should reflect your services, goals, or a relevant characteristic like a location or an ethical stance. Look at our list of trailer rental name ideas for inspiration.

What are some real-life trailer rental company names?

  • Trailer Rental and Leasing Association.
  • U-Haul.
  • Penske.
  • Budget Truck Rental.
  • Cruise America.

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