Staffing Agency Business Name Ideas:


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1. PrimeOne Staffing

A memorable name that relies on repetition to bring home the idea that this is the best staffing agency around. "Prime" and "One" have similar meanings, both denoting excellence and top-quality. To tell customers more, add a reference that hints at your staffing specialty or location.

2. Redbrite Group

A solid name suggesting an efficient and highly capable staffing agency. "Group" adds a further hint of professionalism. Use bright red in your branding as this helps inspire confidence and power. This name can be adapted to different types of staffing agencies using a suitable icon or slogan.

3. IronPeak Staffing Solutions

This descriptive name will attract the right clients. "IronPeak" hints at strength, dependability, and excellence — qualities clients value in staffing agencies. "Staffing Solutions" suggests a wide variety of services are offered here or that this company sources employees in multiple sectors.

4. Sunburst Staffing

A highly memorable name for a staffing agency that prides itself on friendly service. "Sunburst" suggests bright new beginnings, which is what brands looking for new employees may be in search of. Add a descriptive slogan to tell potential clients more about the type of industries you recruit for.

5. Solutions in One

A name with creative branding possibilities. Instead of specifying the number of staffing solutions you provide, "Solutions" suggests you're covering everything, which is great news for those who have extensive hiring requirements. Add a fitting motif or short slogan to link it to a staffing agency.

6. Titan Elite Group

A powerful name for a company that plans to become a giant in the recruitment industry. The words "Titan" and "Elite" inspire trust as they indicate power, strength, and superiority — a few characteristics of great staffing agencies. "Group" may indicate multiple branches.

7. Phoenix Prime Hire

A stately name for a corporate staffing agency. "Phoenix" is a reference to an immortal bird in Greek mythology, suggesting perhaps a staffing agency that operates 24/7 or a company that will help you rebuild your brand. For your logo, consider a crest with a phoenix silhouette on it.

8. BlueGreen Staffing

This memorable and simple name is great for building an approachable staffing company. "BlueGreen" conjures images of nature and serenity, making this an ideal color scheme for your brand. A staffing agency that evokes a sense of peace lets clients know they're more than capable of doing the job.

9. Absolute Top Choice Hires

A bit of a mouthful, but this name tells potential clients exactly what your business is about. "Absolute Top Choice" hints at a company that thoroughly screens potential employees, ensuring that they've selected only the very best candidates for each company they work with.

10. PrimeExpert Staffing

A really powerful name that will attract those who are serious about finding the right staff. "PrimeExpert" is indicative of professionals who are specialists in the field of recruitment, with "Prime" subtly suggesting this staffing agency should be your first choice when you're looking for hires.

Recruitment Agency Business Names

Professional name recommendations for a recruitment agency.

More Staffing Agency Name Ideas:

Great Healthcare Staffing Agency Names:

  • On-Call Recruit.
  • Pharma Find.
  • Health Source Co.
  • The Medical Finders.
  • HealthEmployees.

Cool Staffing Agency Names:

  • Hired Source.
  • Prometheus Talent.
  • The Recruit Experts.
  • Skillful Scouts.
  • The Credential Crew.

Professional Employment Company Names:

  • Work Smart Executives.
  • Smart Hire Group.
  • The Employment Force.
  • Aspira Agency.
  • The Connect Team.

Amazing Staffing Agency Names:

  • The Clear Recruit.
  • The Staff Link.
  • Workforce Spark.
  • The Care Candidate Co.
  • The Outlook Agency.

Catchy Staffing Company Names:

  • Candi Recruitment.
  • Hire Scout Group.
  • First Choice Recruit.
  • Atomic Workforce.
  • Highline Recruiters.

Captivating Employment Agency Names:

  • My Job Project.
  • Excelligent Employment.
  • Pro Workforce.
  • Vision 4 Job.
  • Hired The Best.

Best Staffing Agency Names:

  • Finder's Hire.
  • Seeker Staffing.
  • Highlight Talent.
  • Signup Force.
  • The Hire Agency.

Creative Employment Agency Names:

  • Job Trigger.
  • Career Appear.
  • On the Job Group.
  • Prospexives.
  • Luv The Job.

Good Staffing Agency Names:

  • The Source Tent.
  • Young Talent Center.
  • Star Staffing.
  • The A1 Staffing Team.
  • Succeeding Talent.

Unique Employment Agency Names:

  • Futurtegrity Employment.
  • Top Workplace Scouts.
  • Smartsmyth Talent.
  • Talentive.
  • We Career 4 U.

Good Employment Agency Names:

  • Hired 4 Success.
  • Jobability.
  • My Career Advisors.
  • Qualiworq Force.
  • Team 2 Talent.


How do I name my staffing agency?

  1. Think about the fields you'll hire for and the needs of your clients.
  2. Make a list of keywords based on the above.
  3. Look at other staffing business names and make a note of any useful keywords.
  4. Combine your keywords to form names.
  5. Use a business name generator to come up with more ideas.
  6. Choose the best name.
  7. Check if the name is available with the state.
  8. Register it.

What are some names of existing staffing agencies?

  • Randstad.
  • TrueBlue.
  • Kelly Services.
  • Manpower Group.
  • Express Employment Professionals.
  • EmployBridge.
  • Integrity Staffing Solutions.
  • Elwood Staffing.
  • Insight Global.
  • Volt.

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