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Start-Up Business Name Ideas:


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1. PageFinder

Perfect for a business that specializes in new methods of finding and aggregating data and news for clients. This name is energetic, purposeful, and descriptive, and will appeal to both local and global clientele.

2. Frutti

This name is ideal for a health-conscious, sustainability-focused food platform for consumers. The word "Frutti" is Italian for fruit but because of the pronunciation, English-speaking clients will still understand what your business does.

3. KindAI

With a lot of companies moving into the realm of artificial intelligence and automation, using the term "AI" in a business name has become a popular choice for start-ups. Use the generalist qualities of this brand to adapt your business focus to changing needs and demands.

4. Newtonian Energy

Use this name to harness the brand of one of the greatest physicists to have lived. With a name like this, you'll get instant recognizability and authority in the energy space.


Lanterns are traditionally associated with lighting a path or area and tie well into a start-up's core purpose of leading the way. The use of capitalized letters in this name adds to the appeal and unique style of the brand.

6. HyLite

This name idea uses alternative spelling to make the brand stand out from other competitors. Not only is this idea edgy, fun, and modern, but it's also adaptable to a variety of different sectors and specializations.

7. Pharmaxeutical

This name idea is suited towards a company situated in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. It's simple, edgy, and confident, making it a great option for companies looking to make a big impact in their industry.

8. TriggerTru

If you're thinking about starting a business in weapons, self-defense, or combat training, this is the name for you. Not only does the word "Trigger" embody action and energy, but it also speaks directly to a target market of interested consumers.

9. Kicker Inc.

This name embodies the idea of innovation and new thinking by using the colloquial word "Kicker" which means "surprise" or a turn of events. If you're planning a start-up, this is a great choice for you.

10. Couch-Pouch

This name lends itself to a broad range of business ideas like deliveries, food ordering, mystery boxes, or gift bags. Use this rhyming name to give your business a fun, playful, and energetic appeal.

11. TourDock

A creative name for a boat touring company as it calls on images of boats and describes what they do. It's short, punchy, and shows that the business specializes in boat trips, cruises, and shoreline excursions.

12. Flight Verge

An airport-centric app that helps people find their flights will benefit from this creative name. "Verge" could mean your business is on the cutting edge of air travel or that you bring people and great deals together.

13. Spiceture

A portmanteau that uses the keywords "spice" and "adventure," this name is adaptable to a variety of brands and business models. Whether you source rare high-end spices for top restaurants or you sell unique spice blends for home cooking, this name is perfect for you.

14. EverGuides

This name suits a company that publishes guide books or unique encyclopedias. The combination of "Every" or "Everything" and "Guides" does a great job of showcasing your company's versatility and adds a timeless quality to the services you provide.

15. The Pear Jar

A fun and quirky name that works well for a coffee shop or even a secondhand store. It's cute, memorable, and will make your business stand out from the rest. Not only will people be drawn to its authentic undertones, but you'll be able to use it to showcase items like jams, jellies, and preserves.

16. ManufactureMachine

This compound name suits a manufacturing company, especially one that creates parts for machines. The alliterative quality of the name works well in making this business name easy to say and hard to forget.

17. Nailed It!

A company that produces nail polishes or nail treatments may find this idea interesting. The name is uplifting, positive, and tells your target market exactly what kinds of products you sell. This idea would work really well with a colorful logo design.

18. Local Plan

This unique name can work well for a local event planner as it perfectly describes what you do. Use this idea to set your business apart from large, multinational brands and appeal to the hometown hero mindsets of people.

19. FryWing

Action-packed and descriptive, this fun name can be used for a diner or fast food eatery. Not only is it easy to pronounce, but it's also highly memorable and brings to mind the tasty chicken wings that your business serves daily.

20. Thirsty Gargoyle

A unique and interesting name for a bar, tavern, pub, craft beer brewery, or wine label. By using the imagery of a well-known symbol like a gargoyle, the brand immediately breaks the initial tension and becomes welcoming to customers.

21. AmusementGo

A creative and catchy name that could work for a video game arcade, amusement park, or toy shop. This name is direct, engaging, and energetic, making it ideal for a product or service that aims to delight and entertain.

22. Sorting Fix

An interesting name for a blogging website that focuses on organizing homes and general house maintenance. The combination of the two words "Sorting" and "Fix" gives your readers a clear indication of what your area of expertise is.

23. Marriage Glow

Consider this subtle metaphor for a wedding planner or a bridal boutique, which combines the ideas of beauty with one of the most important days in a person's life. The name is short, descriptive, and taps into your client's desire for a near-perfect wedding experience.

24. Medium-Rare

This name is catchy and alludes to one of the most popular methods of serving meat. This play on words can work for a blog that delivers culinary news, information, or any form of the written medium that is difficult to navigate or find.

25. Oh, Honey!

This cute and caring name is perfect for a business that sources organic honey or other products in an ethical way. Use to give your business an authentic-sounding brand that resonates with clients of all backgrounds.

26. Quick Charm

This catchy name would suit a jewelry business, esoteric shop, or platform that connects jewelry makers with buyers. This name tells clients that you sell beautiful or "charming" products and that you can deliver fast.

27. Display Silk

This mashup could work for a designer clothes boutique or possibly a lifestyle store. The name is descriptive, elegant, and works well for any business that values style and grace for its brand.

28. KeyAI

This name is ideal for a company that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve issues. If you run a security company or even a voice transcription service, this name is a great choice.

29. Charmetal

This portmanteau of "charm" and "metal" is catchy and attractive. It has an almost French-like appeal, just rolls off your tongue, and alludes to the beautiful and unique nature of the products you sell.


This name's unusual spelling sets it apart from other brands; however, it is also clear that this business focuses on hiking and outdoor activities. The capitalized font does a great job of conveying confidence in your products and adds authority to the business brand.

31. MedX Data Solutions

"Med" clearly positions this start-up in the medical industry, while the addition of the "X" adds intrigue and a futuristic appeal to the name, suggesting a cutting-edge healthcare start-up. It could work for a medical billing company or a team of healthcare data scientists.

32. Loosely Strung

Simple but catchy, this name creates a laid-back impression that highlights the approachable nature of your business. The combination of "Loosely" and "Strung" could hint at a music or knitting start-up.

33. Platinum Haus

"Platinum" immediately imbues this business name with a sense of quality and luxury. "Haus" is the German word for "house" and gives the business name a personable quality. It could work well for a fashion business or even a hair salon.

34. Unfrayed

This name sounds a little like "unafraid," which creates a bold and confident statement. The one-word business name is modern and easy to remember. "Unfrayed" may hint at quality textiles, making this name ideal for a clothing brand or tailor.

35. Prickly Things

A super cute name that is perfect for a cactus business or a sewing shop. "Prickly" gives the name a quirky and zesty appeal that is sure to grab your customers' attention. "Things" reinforces the casual impression of the name and keeps it versatile.

36. The Rubicon Collective

This business name references the popular idiom, "crossing the Rubicon" — imbuing the name with a sense of decisiveness and innovation. "Collective" highlights notions of collaboration and teamwork to the brand.

37. Falling Petals

This evocative name conjures thoughts of romance and intimacy. It's ideal for a plant-related business, especially one that offers flower preservation services. "Falling" adds a dynamic edge to the name while keeping it sophisticated.

38. HomeCheq

A catchy, multi-use name that would work especially well for a home security company. "Home" gives the brand a familiar and comforting appeal, while "Cheq" is a quirky addition that could refer to "check" or "cheque," making the name highly versatile.

39. Pinnacle VA

"Pinnacle" positions this brand as innovative and is synonymous with excellence. "VA" could refer to "virtual assistance," giving this start-up name a futuristic edge. It's ideal for a service that offers virtual assistance and other administrative support.

40. Dockside Estates

Perfect for a real estate company — perhaps one that specializes in vacation rentals. "Dockside" gives this business name a romantic appeal and suggests a specialty in coastal property. "Estates" adds an authoritative and professional impression to the brand.

How to Name a Startup

Create a great name for your startup today.

More Start-Up Business Name Ideas:

Good New Company Names:

  • The Start-Up Boys.
  • Founder Rocket.
  • The New Brain.
  • Launch Lounge.
  • Ignite IT.

Modern Start-Up Names:

  • Ramp Rocketz.
  • Sonic Coding.
  • Gold Status.
  • IDEO Start X.
  • Pro Gnus.

Cute Start-Up Business Names:

  • Stylish Pink.
  • The Flirty Fox.
  • BetaBot.
  • Boom Bucket.
  • The Early Circuit.

Creative Start-Up Names:

  • Sticky Lizard.
  • Nerd Out.
  • Funktion.
  • The Sprout Co.
  • Zymedix.

Catchy Start-Up Names:

  • Smart Start.
  • Beginzy.
  • Bright Bloom.
  • The Venture Venue.
  • Prime Pronto.

Unique Start-Up Company Names:

  • Brass Monkey.
  • The Work Worm.
  • Ninjas Of Ideas.
  • Hello Techno.
  • Novation Alley.

The Best Start-Up Business Names:

  • Ventura Revolution.
  • The New Tech Boys.
  • Vivid Captial.
  • New Idea Garage.
  • Renovation Engine.

Unique Start-Up Business Names:

  • Start House.
  • Yelixy.
  • Bluebella.
  • The Seed.
  • Start4U.

Cool Start-Up Business Names:

  • The Little Guy Squad.
  • Uptown Start-Up.
  • The Newbie.
  • Inspirado.
  • The Bootstrap Garage.

Great Start-Up Business Names:

  • New Start Kitchen.
  • Bootz Beginnings.
  • Leaflet.
  • Fresh Valley.
  • The Nexus Now.

Memorable Start-Up Business Names:

  • Dreaming Up.
  • The Start-Up Pad.
  • Leap Into Tech.
  • The Classic Loop.
  • Fresh Start Seed Co.


How do I choose a name for my start-up?

  1. Gather your start-up name ideas.
  2. Highlight your favorite ones.
  3. Ask others what they think of each name. Be sure to include potential clients in your sample.
  4. Identify the crowd favorites.
  5. Wait to see what grows on you.
  6. Check if you can register your favorite name.

What should consider when naming my start-up?

  1. Look for words that reflect your products and service delivery.
  2. Find a name that reflects the brand of your business.
  3. Look for a name that reflects your personality and values as you will be the face of the business.
  4. Look for a neutral name that would not limit your service offering.
  5. Use a business name generator for inspiration.

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