Start-up Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1.MedX Data Solutions

Could work for a medical billing company or a team of healthcare data scientists.

2.Loosely Strung

Simple but catchy. Ideal for an art or music-related business.

3.Platinum Haus

Sounds high-end. Could work well for a fashion business or even a hair salon.


Sounds a little like "unafraid," which creates a bold statement. For a clothing brand or tailor.

5.Prickly Things

Perfect for a cactus business or a sewing shop.

6.The Rubicon Collective

References the popular idiom, "to cross the Rubicon." Synonymous with decisiveness and innovation.

7.Falling Petals

Ideal for a plant-related business, especially one that offers flower preservation services.


A catchy, multiuse name. Would work especially well for a home security company.

9.Pinnacle VA

Suggests excellence. For a business that offers virtual assistance and other administrative support.

10.Dockside Estates

Perfect for a real estate company — perhaps one that specializes in vacation rentals.

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What are some new company name suggestions?

  • MedX Data Solutions.
  • Loosely Strung.
  • Platinum Haus.
  • Unfrayed.
  • Prickly Things.

What are some creative start-up names?

  • The Rubicon Collective.
  • Falling Petals.
  • HomeCheq.
  • Pinnacle VA.
  • Dockside Estates.

What are some catchy start-ups names?

  • Knitting Grandmas.
  • Higheal.
  • Talent Capsule.
  • Mahogony Fire.
  • Feathers and Stones.

Where can I find a start-up name generator?

Use NameSnack to find the perfect name for your start-up. The AI-powered software can offer thousands of ideas based on your keywords and other information provided about your business.

How do I choose a name for my start-up?

  • Gather your start-up name ideas.
  • Highlight your favorite ones.
  • Ask others what they think of each name. Be sure to include potential clients in your sample.
  • Identify the crowd favorites.
  • Wait to see what grows on you.
  • Check if you can register your favorite start-up name.

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