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Resin Business Name Ideas:


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1. Aegis Countertop Resins

This business name identifies your niche market and also indicates the strength of your resins. This idea is brought forward by the use of "Aegis" in the name, which was a shield carried by the Greek goddess Athena.

2. Resin-Tique

A catchy name that shows you specialize in resin jewelry, or that you are a resin business that showcases a lot of technique and artistic style? This fun and contemporary name could work for both business types!

3. Casting Envy

"Casting" refers to the art of resin casting, which is used to create small-scale products like dentures, toys, models, and jewelry. With this business name, any resin business type will be the envy of its competitors.

4. A Thousand Colors Resin

This business name is catchy and immediately showcases your niche product. It indicates that you supply and create a comprehensive range of colored resins for any purpose including home art or industrial design.

5. Masters In Epoxy

This name indicates that you are the "master" of epoxy and resins. Whether you are involved in the supply of resins, the construction of products containing resins, or both, you can't go wrong with a simple, powerful name.

6. Exquisite Surface Resins

Show off how your customers can use your resins with this simple, yet classy business name. The use of the word "exquisite" evokes the idea of premium quality while the word "surface" indicates your niche product.

7. Art Deco Epoxies

Epoxy resin can be used as glue to reinforce constructed items, such as furniture. This great business name highlights both this feature of resin as well as the specialized products your business stocks.

8. Protech Sealants

The combination of 'professional' and 'technical' shows that your business prioritizes top-quality work at a professional level. The use of 'sealants' implies that you specialize in resin-based sealants.

9. DIY Binders

A simple and effective business name for a company that specializes in resins used as a binding agent. This would be ideal if your target market is home professionals, hobbyists, hardware stores, or craft shops.

10. Epic Overcoatings

A business name that works well if you specialize in resins used as sealing coats. The word "epic" shows your industry expertise and tells customers that yours are not just ordinary resin coatings.

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More Resin Business Name Ideas:

Cool Resin Art Business Names:

  • Just Decorate It.
  • Divine Pouring.
  • SolidColorArtX.
  • Color Barrier Studio.
  • A Touch Of Decadence.

Clever Epoxy Resin Business Names:

  • DIY Color & More
  • Epoxy Artwork Studio.
  • Epoxy Art Decor LLC.
  • Epoxy & Seal.
  • The Surface Art.

Creative Resin Jewelry Business Names:

  • Casting & Design.
  • DIY To Wear.
  • Enchanting Cast.
  • The Polymer Shoppe.
  • Envy the Color.

Good Resin Business Names:

  • Glossy By Nature.
  • Color Force Epoxy.
  • Enchantment Pouring.
  • Art In Seals.
  • VIP Ingredient.


Where can I find a resin name generator?

You can use NameSnack, a free AI-powered name generator that suggests hundreds of business name ideas in seconds from just a few input keywords. Alternatively, take a look at our collection of business name ideas to get started.

Where can I find resin business logo ideas?

Try Zarla — a free logo generator that allows you to create, edit, and download logos for free in both PNG and vector formats.

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