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Pure Romance Business Name Ideas:


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1. Sultry Belle

A captivating name that sounds alluring when said out loud. "Sultry" exudes passion and sexual energy, while "Belle" sounds cute and endearing. The contrast created by the seductive and sweet pairing leaves a lasting impression.

2. Bath n' Purr

A playful name that is sure to grab attention. "Bath" references the Pure Romance bath and body range, while the seductive "Purr" lets customers know that your products will help them have some fun in the bedroom.

3. Scents of Seduction

If you're planning on selling Pure Romance's scented lubricants and creams, then this is the business name for you. "Scents" indicates that you have a variety of products on offer, while "Seduction" entices customers to learn more about your sensual products.

4. The Sexy Clue

An enticing name that lets customers know you've got the inside scoop on what works in the bedroom. "Sexy" sounds alluring, and "Clue" promises mystery.

5. In Sweet Sin

This unique name idea reads as a slogan, making it a memorable choice that is great for marketing purposes. The connotations of "Sweet" and "Sin" contradict one another, creating an interesting juxtaposition that will lure in customers.

6. Belle, Love, Kisses

A lovely name that communicates the different themes of the Pure Romance brand. "Belle" makes it clear that Pure Romance is for women, while "Love" and "Kisses" are clever references to the brand's sexual wellness products.

7. The Lucky Belle

This fun name says a lot without saying too much. "Lucky" reassures customers that they'll get lucky with Pure Romance products, while "Belle" lets female customers know that they're your target market. The addition of "The" makes it clear that you're the number one spot for feminine products.

8. Femme Forever

An alliterative name that's memorable and on brand. "Femme" is great for attracting your target market, and "Forever" reinforces Pure Romance's commitment to female wellness. This name would look stunning on promotional material and offers ample room for business expansion.

9. Bold Beauty & Co.

A memorable name that embraces the alluring power and beauty of females. "Bold" encourages women to be daring, while "Beauty" cleverly references Pure Romance's beauty range. The addition of "Co." adds a touch of sophistication and promises customers that you have plenty to offer.

10. Lace Up!

A commanding name that encourages customers to act fast! "Lace" is delicate and feminine, effortlessly conjuring images of women draped in lingerie, while the exclamation mark demands immediate action.

Romantic Business Names

Beautifully romantic name ideas for your business.

More Pure Romance Business Names Ideas:

Creative Pure Romance Business Names:

  • Let's Love Me.
  • Gorgeous Kisses.
  • Crown Heart Boutique.
  • Marry Romantic.
  • Happy New Moon.

Memorable Pure Romance Business Names:

  • The Romantic Pair.
  • Sweetest Embrace.
  • Honeymoon Supperclub.
  • Love-A-Flirt.
  • The Romance Seat.

Sensual Pure Romance Business Names:

  • Aromas Touch.
  • L'amour Kisses.
  • Ooh La La Love.
  • Divine Touch Of Love.
  • Feeling Sweet.

Playful Pure Romance Business Names:

  • My Sweetest Memory.
  • Love Heart Love.
  • The Kiss Removals.
  • Chucky's Kisses.
  • Lovesong Heart.


How do I come up with a great Pure Romance business name?

  1. Consider the type of Pure Romance products you'll sell.
  2. Write down your selling points, primary target market, and core business values.
  3. Do some research on existing Pure Romance businesses.
  4. Make a list of keywords that best represent your business.
  5. Use a business name generator to combine and create unique name ideas.
  6. Pick your favorite name and check that it's available.
  7. Secure the name.

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