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Scentsy Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Candle Sensations

An enticing word combination that will appeal to scented candle enthusiasts.

2. Scented Creations

This is a name that alludes to creativity in scented candle and wax bar designs.

3. Next Generation Candles

This name hints at innovative wickless candles, bars, wax warmers, and essential oil diffusers.

4. Twenty Scents

A playful and witty name that suggests a variety of scented candle and wax bar fragrances.

5. Fans of Fragrance

A Scentsy business name with direct appeal that will entice scented candle enthusiasts.

6. Fragrance Factory

This is a Scentsy business name that suggests novelty and variety in scented wax products.

7. Oriental Delights

A name that will entice scented wax fans who are inspired by fragrances associated with the East.

8. Scent Savvy

A Scentsy business name that cleverly combines the notion of wickless candle technology with scents.

9. Aromatic Delights

This is a name name that hints at wax bars designed to delight with their fragrant aromas.

10. Scent Nostalgia

A name that will entice those who favor traditional scents, such as lavender and vanilla.

11. Fragrant Dreams

This is a Scentsy business name that appealingly alludes to tranquility and peaceful sleep.

12. Reminiscent

A name that will entice those who associate traditional scents with pleasant memories.

13. Scent Safari

A playful and descriptive name that suggests embarking on an exotic scents journey.

14. Fabulously Fragrant

This is a name that will appeal to trendsetters who wish to create alluring scent experiences.

15. Scented Memories

An enticing Scentsy business name that evokes the notion of creating nostalgic memories.

16. Fabulous Frankincense

A word combination that powerfully associates with frankincense infusions from the Middle East.

17. The Scent Lab

This is a name name that cleverly suggests modern and safe wickless scented candles and wax bars.

18. Softly Scented

A clear and straightforward Scentsy business name with direct appeal.

19. Sentimental Sensations

A name that will entice those who treasure memories inspired by traditional scent profiles.

20. Wonderfully Wickless

This playful name suggests a safe wickless candle alternative to burning candle flames.

How to Name a Candle Company

An 8-step process to naming a candle company.

More Scentsy Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Scentsy Business Names:

  • Scent of Soy.
  • Potpourri & Petal.
  • Scented Soul.
  • Whiff of Winter.
  • Flickerless Flower.

Scentsy Group Names:

  • Sage Savor.
  • Eucalyptus & You.
  • Whiff of the Wickless.
  • Petal & Perfume.
  • Bowl of Leaves.

Cool Scentsy Team Names:

  • Lavender Lull.
  • Honey Sconce.
  • Jasmine Jumble.
  • Bathroom Blend.
  • Soy Wax Savor.

Creative Scentsy Business Names:

  • Honeycomb Aromas.
  • Aloe Guvna!
  • Raspberry Bloom.
  • Dollars 4 Scents.
  • SafeScents.

Catchy Scentsy Group Names:

  • The Flameless Flicker.
  • Summer Sensations Candles.
  • Bathroom Blossom.
  • Safely Scented.
  • The Wickless Aroma.

Clever Names for Scentsy Groups:

  • Aroma & Ambience.
  • Fragrance of Flora.
  • Wood & Salt Candles.
  • Ocean Mist Wickless.
  • Age of Sage.

Great Scentsy Facebook Page Names:

  • Pure Petals.
  • Thorn and Petal.
  • Nasal Nostalgia.
  • Whiff of Wax.
  • Fragrance of Fall.


What names can I use for my Scentsy business?

Scentsy has specific policies about naming your business. You, for example, may not use the word Scentsy in your name. Consult Scentsy’s policies and procedures manual for detailed information.

How can I come up with some Scentsy business names?

  1. Do research and list keywords related to your Scentsy business.
  2. Find keyword synonyms by using an online thesaurus.
  3. Consider using unique and catchy word combinations.
  4. Brainstorm words that create alluring associations.
  5. Use a business name generator for more ideas.
  6. Ask friends for feedback on your name ideas before you decide.

What makes a great Scentsy business name?

A great Scentsy business name draws attention to your products in a unique way. Names may entice scented wax enthusiasts with exotic scents and fragrances, create mood associations, hint at wickless candle innovation, or creatively combine business keywords. See our list of Scentsy consultant name ideas for inspiration.

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