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Adult Store Name Ideas:


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1. The Sultry Queen

This name idea indicates your business focus through the use of the word "sultry," which brings to mind ideas of beauty and heat. With the addition of "queen," this business name would suit an adult store that specializes in women's pleasure.

2. Wicked & Intimate

A little playful and a little naughty, this fun business name is perfect for an adult store. Using "intimate" in your business name tells customers that your business caters to intimate pleasures. At the same time, the word "wicked" adds a fun edge that lets customers know they can find sexy toys.

3. Kink Addiction

Appeal to customers who indulge different fetishes in their sex lives with this naughty business name idea. "Kink" highlights this specialty, while the use of "addiction," tells customers that they will enjoy your toys so much that it could become an addiction.

4. Bae's Little Secret

"Bae" is the shortened form of "baby" or "babe" and is a synonym for terms of endearment such as "sweetie" or "honey." It links your business to romance and seduction, while the rest of this name idea adds a little mystery and intrigue.

5. Erotic Arts

This beautiful name idea will add sensual elegance to any adult store. The use of "erotic" links your business to the adult entertainment industry, while "arts" gives the name a classy atmosphere that will encourage a wide range of customers to visit your store.

6. Lace Up & Let Loose

This fun name idea references the costumes and leather outfits used in some lifestyles, such as BDSM. It is a catchy business name that encourages customers to loosen their inhibitions. The alliteration of the "L" adds that memorable element that will aid brand recognition.

7. Just Pleasure Toys

This cool, straightforward name idea tells it like it is, and shows customers exactly what products you sell. By using the word "pleasure" in your business name, you add the needed separation from general toy stores and make it clear that your business caters to adults.

8. A Little Love

The alliteration on the "L" ensures that this name idea is catchy and memorable. It's a cute, fun name idea that offers opportunities for great slogans, such as "Everyone deserves a little love," and eye-catching logos, such as a heart with arms wrapped around it.

9. The L Words

This business name is fun and a little naughty, inspiring people to think of all the "L" words they can: love, lust, even licks! It's a memorable name idea as "the L-word" is a well-known saying for "love," and so links your business to romance.

10. The Tease Room

Invite potential customers to indulge and tease their senses by entering a large room full of toys, clothes, and accessories used in the bedroom. The word "tease" also implies games that can be played in the bedroom to seduce your partner.

More Adult Store Business Name Ideas:

Great Adult Store Business Names:

  • Good Tease Co.
  • The Red Store.
  • Vivien in Velvet.
  • Viv’s Luxury.
  • Erotica Zone.

Sexy Adult Store Business Names:

  • The Lusty Lola.
  • My Playful Sirens.
  • Bondage and more.
  • Twerk City Palace.
  • Sexplore.

Unique Adult Store Business Names:

  • Ecstasy Escapes.
  • Sin City Crave.
  • Adult Starz.
  • Strictly Pleasures.
  • The Fetish Lady.

Cool Adult Store Business Names:

  • Adult Planet.
  • Lovable Romp.
  • Yummy Locker.
  • The X Scene.
  • Sexy Beasts.

Adult Entertainment Business Names

Tantalizing names for an adult entertainment business.


How can I come up with a great adult store name idea?

  1. Review your business plan and write down good keywords.
  2. Research your top competitors for inspiration and add related keywords to your list.
  3. Consider your specialty and what your target customer is looking for, and add related keywords to your list.
  4. Run all your keywords through a business name generator to create some interesting name ideas.
  5. Shortlist your favorite names and ask friends, family, and potential customers for feedback.
  6. Check name availability with the state.
  7. Choose the best name and register it.

What are some well-known adult store names?

  • Lovehoney.
  • Babeland.
  • Good Vibrations.
  • Overkink.
  • Adam & Eve.
  • Wild Flower.
  • Ella Paradis.
  • Pink Cherry.

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