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Sexy Business Name Ideas:


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1.Aroma Femme

This beautiful name idea is inspired by the French language; great for a perfume line.

2.Sultry Noir

Evoke images of warm, sultry nights with this sexy name idea for a club or bar.

3.Scent of Eve

A sexy business name idea that is perfect for a perfume, candle, or soap store.

4.Seule Vixen

As the language of love, French is a naturally sexy addition to any business name idea.

5.Flirty in Pink

A cute name idea for a clothing or lingerie shop, for a sexy touch to your business.


This sexy, mysterious name idea will entice customers to your business.

7.Jolie Fire

Inspired by feelings of passion and love, this sexy name idea can suit a variety of business types.

8.Sinful Storm

The alliteration on the "S" helps this sexy business name to stick in people's minds.

9.Exotic Kisses

This sexy name idea would be great for a makeup brand or chocolate shop.

10.Elle Encore

An alliterative, French-inspired name idea that promotes the beauty of women.

11.Tiny Touche

A cute business name idea that gives a sexy edge to any business, like a massage business.

12.Wild Adonis

This strong, masculine name idea adds a sexy appeal to a men's clothing or frangrance brand.

13.Dark Minx

A sexy, appealing name idea for any business that caters to women.


This name idea uses a deliberate misspelling of "erotic" and adds a sexy touch to a business.

15.Whisper of Sin

Give your business a sexy, somewhat dangerous edge with this dark, compelling name idea.

16.Lithe Lips

A cute, alliterative name idea that makes a sexy addition to a makeup brand.

17.Red Intrigue

"Red" is the color of fire, passion, and love; a great addition to a sexy business name.

18.Wicked Aroma

Invoke the senses with this sexy name idea for a restaurant, coffee shop, or perfume line.

19.Texture of Heat

This sexy name idea for a fabric shop or dress boutique invites customers to feel the materials.


A cute, brandable name idea that is a sexy addition to any business type.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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How can I come up with some sexy business names?

  • Review your business plan and ideal customer profile and compile a list of keywords.
  • Add "sexy" words to your list.
  • Research your competitors and add related words to your list.
  • Combine your keywords manually or with a name generator.
  • Shortlist your favorite names and check their availability.
  • Ask for feedback and get the best name.

What makes a business name sexy?

A sexy business name uses psychology to appeal to customers through color, images, and feelings. They are attractive and appealing without falling back on the "sex sells" cliché.

What are some examples of sexy business names?

  • Aroma Femme.
  • Seule Vixen.
  • Jolie Fire.
  • Elle Encore.
  • Dark Minx.
  • Lithe Lips.
  • Texture of Heat.

What companies have sexy business names?

  • Nasty Gal.
  • Sexy 4 Life Novelties.
  • Cupids Lingerie.
  • Seductions Lingerie.
  • ICU Sexy.
  • Sexy Stuf.
  • Just Sexy Dresses.
  • Lover's Lane.
  • Fascinations.

What are some sexy brand names?

  • Sultry Noir.
  • Flirty in Pink.
  • Sinful Storm.
  • Tiny Touche.
  • Erotiq.
  • Red Intrigue.
  • Kissed.

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