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Sultry Business Name Ideas:


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1. Untamed Velvet

A unique name that marries wildness and elegance. This name, in a white cursive font against a dark background, would make an effective logo that elevates your brand. Great for a boutique aimed at women with discerning tastes.

2. Silk & Foxx

A solid, memorable name with creative logo possibilities. The word "Foxx" is a reference to "foxy lady," implying products sold here are made for attractive women. The unconventional spelling of "Foxx" may suggest an adult retail outlet.

3. Blooming Bunz

A playful name that's easily remembered. "Blooming" hints at blossoming flowers, and "Bunz" may suggest buttocks. A perfect name for a brand of shapewear designed to give the wearer a derrière with a desirable shape.

4. Thicc and Delicious

A name that makes one think of milkshakes so rich and creamy they can't even be slurped through a straw. The term "thicc" will resonate with youngsters, making this a great choice for a young adult brand. Wonderful for an eating plan that promises to help customers attain an hourglass figure.

5. Kiss My Rabbit

A really cheeky name that likely has nothing to do with animals. Rabbits are commonly associated with fertility, making this a great name for a brand specializing in sexual health.

6. Love Unbuckled

A simple, yet clever choice for a jeans brand with erotic undertones. "Unbuckled" adds just a hint of sex appeal to the brand, while also suggesting a mystery revealed. This name is sure to get customers talking about your products.

7. Cobra Kitty

Just because she's cute, doesn't mean she's not dangerous. A fantastic choice for a ladies-only karate club that specializes in self-defense classes. It could also work equally well for a fitness brand.

8. SweetNSquishy

A highly suggestive name that's hard to forget. It calls to mind soft and sweet candies. Great for a brand that makes cannabis-infused gummies and other sweet treats that enhance sexual performance.

9. Divine Flirt

Great for a company that sells delightful, heavenly products aimed at clients who'd like to take their flirting game to the next level. Think of a place that sells otherworldly perfumes, premium make-up, and hair products designed to make you feel like a goddess.

10. V is for Vivacious

A fantastic, slightly suggestive name for a brand aimed at energetic, free-spirited women. The "V" could stand alone to create a classy, minimalistic logo — perfect for a high-end brand.

11. Cookie Bowl

A sweet, somewhat kinky business name and a reference to the popular "Cookie Jar" song. Great for a company that creates fun, custom cookies in personalized packaging for special occasions.

12. Velvet Buns

Because who doesn't want skin that's as soft as a baby's bottom? A simple, yet highly descriptive name for a luxury body butter brand promising a silky smooth tush.

13. Thick Kisses

A wonderful choice for a cosmetics brand known for producing the glossiest lip balms, butters, and lipsticks on the market. Also a great name for a brand that makes lip plumping serums.

14. Red Saffire

This super versatile name hints at warmth, passion, and desire, while the unusual spelling of "Saffire" creates interest. A good slogan and logo can help link the name to a variety of products.

15. Le Bella Midnight

Translates to "The Beautiful Midnight." A fitting choice for a lingerie company or a place that creates bespoke evening wear.

16. Skin Suga

Sensual, yet understated, this name is perfect for a luxury skincare brand that sells body scrubs, rich moisturisers, and other goodies. The unusual spelling of "suga" helps to make the name more memorable.

17. Desert Rose Fever

A name that's as hot as the products you sell. Desert roses are often seen as symbols of luck and wealth, suggesting products purchased here will bring joy and good fortune to customers.

18. Sugar Me Yum

Said fast, this sounds like an exotic fruit or flower. This playful name will get customers excited about whatever it is you're selling. From cakes and cosmetics, to edible undies and libido supplements, this name is as versatile as it is fun to pronounce.

19. Sinful Samba

A brilliant name for a couple's dance class that promises to restore intimacy and strengthen both physical and emotional bonds. The repetition of the "S" makes it easier for customers to remember.

20. The Queen's Glory

She's powerful, attractive, and worshipped by all — what could be more sultry than a queen? A multipurpose name for a variety of products aimed at strong women who value independence.

Sexy Business Names

Sinfully sexy name ideas for your business.

More Sultry Business Name Ideas:

Sultry Bra Company Names:

  • Nuude.
  • Candycup.
  • Foxy Femme.
  • Silky Straps.
  • Pretty Perky.

Great Sultry Brand Names:

  • Posh Confidential.
  • Intimate Lust.
  • The Seductress.
  • La Sensuales.
  • Nu-Vixen.

Good Sultry Business Names:

  • The Lustful Touch.
  • Pretty & Sensual.
  • Glowly Seduction.
  • Pure Sinful Inc.
  • The Lusty Play Room.


How can I come up with a sultry business name?

  1. Write down all the words you can think of associated with desire, passion, power, beauty, and sexuality.
  2. Consider the products and/or services you'll provide and write down keywords associated with them.
  3. Combine the keywords in interesting ways to form original name ideas.
  4. Use a business name generator to find more ideas.
  5. Show your favorite business names to friends and potential clients.
  6. Check if your preferred name is available.
  7. Register the business name.

What makes a business name sultry?

A sultry business name should make a brand more desirable to clients by appealing to a sense of pleasure, passion, beauty, and sensuality. If people feel attractive simply by saying your business name, you know you've created a sultry brand.

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