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Naughty Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Sexy Sly

The alliteration on the "S" makes this naughty business name catchy and memorable.

2. Cheekify

A cute name idea for a nail salon or clothing brand, inspired by the word "cheeky."

3. Cuddles

Naughty name idea for a strip club or adult entertainment business.

4. Naughty Blossom

Great for an essential oils or feminine products business.

5. Sweet & Sticky

This alliterative name idea gives a naughty edge to a honey or candy business.

6. SaM's Playground

The capitalization of this business name gives a nightclub a naughty little secret.

7. Peaches & Cream

Innocuous, but when used for an adult toy store, this name takes on a very naughty meaning.

8. Exploding Pickles

This naughty business name idea suits a deli or pickling business.

9. Slinky Kinky

A fun, rhyming name idea with a naughty edge for a lingerie company.

10. Tap That

A short, brandable name idea for a plumbing company that has a naughty double meaning.

11. BadBoys

Evoke the bad boy next door idea with this naughty name for a men's clothing or sunglasses business.

12. Filthy Devils

Suitable for a strip club or t-shirt company, this naughty name idea adds an evil edge.

13. Whip Me!

A fun name idea with a naughty double meaning; works for an ice cream business.

14. Spicy Tongue

A cute name idea for a spice company that will give your business a naughty feel.

15. Debaucherous

Based on the word "debauchery," meaning "extreme indulgence in pleasures."

16. Rogue Flow

This name idea for a feminine hygiene business is inspired by a synonym for "naughty."

17. Get Lucky

A catchy name idea with a naughty double meaning; suits a gambling business.

18. On The Naughty List

A unique business name that implies you've done something to land you on Santa's naughty list!

19. The Woozy Wanton

A fun name idea for a Chinese restaurant that replaces "wonton" with the naughty "wanton."

20. The Purrfume Co.

Invite your customers to try a scent that will make them purr in pleasure with this naughty name.

Adult Entertainment Business Names

Tantalizing names for an adult entertainment business.

More Naughty Business Name Ideas:

Naughty Brand Names:

  • Sinful Suede.
  • The Naughty Boyz.
  • The Kinky Co.
  • Cheeky Peaches.
  • Spank!

Catchy Naughty Store Names:

  • The Silky Tease.
  • Sultry Secrets.
  • Sugar Me Spice.
  • The Hot Buns.
  • Vixen's Delights


How can I come up with some naughty business names?

  1. Review your business plan and ideal customer and compile a list of keywords.
  2. Research your competitors and add related keywords to your list.
  3. Consider using puns on some of your keywords for a naughty effect.
  4. Combine keywords with a business name generator.
  5. Be careful not to be offensive or inappropriate with your naughty name choices.

What makes a business name naughty?

Naughty business names push buttons and push the envelope on the acceptable. They generally use sexual puns and innuendoes that are naughty, playful, and amusing without crossing the line into offensive or inappropriate. Take a look at our list of name examples for inspiration.

What companies have naughty business names?

  • Ditcher, Quick, & Hyde Divorce Lawyers.
  • Jack The Stripper Wood Stripping.
  • Frisky Business Boutique.
  • Doggie Styles.
  • The Dirty Hoe Garden Shed.

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