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Bath and Body Business Name Ideas:


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1. Youthful Scrub

Simple and memorable. "Scrub" could refer to the actual products sold here or the act of cleaning.

2. Light Velvet

Whimsical. Would look great in an elegant font and has connotations of smooth, desirable skin.

3. Luscious Queen

A perfect name for a brand that focuses on high-end, luxury products that make great bridal gifts.

4. Harvest Scrub

"Harvest" equals freshness/growth. Suitable for companies that use sustainably-sourced ingredients.

5. Warm Apricot

A quirky name with cheeky logo and slogan possibilities. Great for a sweetly-scented shop.

6. Harvest Luxe

Wonderful for a luxury bath and body brand aimed at more mature clients.

7. Tempting Silk

Well-suited to a brand or a retailer focused on sensual bath and body products.

8. Sage Aura

Great for a store with a boho feel. Think incense sticks, bath salts, and natural scrubs.

9. Bath Caramel

Simple and sweet. A good choice for a store that sells bath products resembling delicious treats.

10. My Wild Glow

Wonderful for a boutique that sells products designed to brighten and smoothen the skin.

11. Strawberry Galaxy

Fantastic for a themed store where all the products are pink and pretty.

12. The Earth Unicorn

This name offers great branding possibilities. Suitable for a company that makes organic products.

13. The Care Work

This name may draw clients who believe in self-care and want to purchase gentle bath products.

14. Abundant Soap

A strong name, well-suited to a brand that does charity work and supports sustainable farming.

15. Warm Lace

Pretty, feminine, and delicate. Great for a small, independent bath and body business.

16. Kind Work

A memorable name. Could work for a store that specializes in bath and body gifts.

17. Fairy Velvet

Sweet and quirky. Wonderful for a bath and body brand aimed at little girls.

18. Naked Aura

Has connotations of nature and mindfulness. A great choice for an artisanal bath and body brand.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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More Bath and Body Business Name Ideas:

Organic Bath and Body Business Names:

  • Xen Organic Spa.
  • Posh Organic Bathspa.
  • Natural Bath Life.
  • Vitality Body Salt.
  • Herbal Layers.

Unique Names for Bath and Body Businesses:

  • The Bathroom Bomb.
  • Lush Body Spa.
  • Relaxation Bath.
  • Essences of Bath.
  • Serenity Bath Salons.

Cool Names for Bath and Body Businesses:

  • Lush Body & More.
  • Fruity Baths.
  • TrueBathique.
  • Bliss Body Scrub.
  • Violet Body Works.

Catchy Bath and Body Shop Names:

  • Lavish Skin & Body.
  • The Bathroom Spa.
  • Body Beautiful Baths.
  • Nu Bath Bar.
  • Myrrh Bath & Body.

Cute Bath Business Names:

  • CareWorx.
  • Better Baths.
  • Lux Tubs.
  • Herbal Bath House.
  • Body Envy Baths.

Good Bath and Body Company Names:

  • Scentsable.
  • Organic Aura.
  • WonderTub.
  • Delectable Care.
  • The Fragrant Bomb.

Luxury Body Shop Names:

  • The Bath Shoppe.
  • The Bath Lifestyle.
  • Influences Skin Spa.
  • The Bath House Team.
  • Lush Bath with Love.

Creative Bath Salt Business Names:

  • Tinted Salt.
  • Vitalize Body Scrub.
  • Salt Bath Envy.
  • Pure Body Salt.
  • Bath Salt Boutique.

Bath and Body Works Company Names:

  • Body & Soul Baths.
  • The Bath Frenzy.
  • Lush & Fragrant.
  • Sweet Bath & Body.
  • Melt Bath Co.

Inspiring Bath and Body Works Names:

  • Pure and Simple Bath.
  • Luxx Baths.
  • Bodyheat Body Spa.
  • Bath Salt & Spa.
  • Salts of Life.


How do I choose a name for my bath and body business?

  1. Find keywords by doing industry research, speaking to potential clients, and looking at existing names of bath and body brands.
  2. Write your keywords down and use them to form name ideas for your business.
  3. Feed some keywords into a business name generator.
  4. Share your 10 top names with friends and family.
  5. Based on feedback, choose the best name.

What are some real names of bath and body businesses?

  • Bath & Body Works.
  • The Body Shop.
  • Lush.
  • Pepper Tree Luxury Bath and Body.
  • Rain Created for Living.
  • The Body Works.
  • Crabtree & Evelyn.
  • Bourbon Apples.

Is there a bath and body business name generator?

Yes, you can use NameSnack to create an original name for your bath and body business. Once you've chosen the perfect name, head over to [Zarla](bath and body business name generator) to design a great logo for your business.

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