Body Scrub Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Beauty Beyond Soap

A beautiful, descriptive name for a body scrub brand that prides itself on soap-free products.

2. Natural Scrub Spa

Good for a store boasting a scrub selection made from organic, cruelty-free, fair-trade ingredients.

3. Daily Spa Scrub

A wonderful name for a body scrub brand that's gentle enough to be used everyday.

4. Go Organic Scrub

"Go" may suggest quick service. Great for an online shop that sells natural body scrubs.

5. Skin Scrub

A catchy, memorable name, great for a scrub brand that's gentle on all skin types.

6. Scrub Twice

Imagine a scrub you won't want to stop using. This is a product you'll get addicted to!

7. Scrub Fascinate

Suited to a range of quirky, fun scrubs. May attract a younger target market.

8. Scrub Totally

Great for a brand that sells a wide range of scrubs—salt, sugar, coffee, herbal—for all skin types.

9. Honey Mild

A sweet name for a brand that manufactures a range of natural body products, including scrubs.

10. Rain Almond

Unusual & eye-catching. Conjures images of exotic, tropical rain forests. May imply a natural scrub.

Soap Business Names

Great name ideas for your soap business.

More Body Scrub Business Name Ideas:

Unique Body Scrub Business Names:

  • Bliss Body Polish.
  • Sensi Skin.
  • Honey & Jasmine Co.
  • ScrubIt Fresh.
  • CocaoThyme Skin.

Cool Body Scrub Brand Names:

  • Oasis Aura Scrub.
  • Nourishd Eco Beauty.
  • Lavender Sculpt.
  • Smooth Soul Co.
  • My Sapphire Scrub.

Creative Body Scrub Company Names:

  • Scubby Sciene.
  • Savage Beauty Scrub.
  • Aqua Essence Skin.
  • Scrub & Bloom.
  • Nova Polishd.

Luxurious Body Scrub Business Name Ideas:

  • Glamify Lilac.
  • Body & Soul Glam.
  • The Bare Secrets.
  • Body Royale.
  • Gloss 'n' Scrub.

Great Body Scrub Brand Name Ideas:

  • Vivid Skin Scrub.
  • Revive Natural.
  • GlamDrop.
  • Ginger & Lime Skin Co.
  • Smile Body Scrub.


How do I create some catchy body scrub names?

  1. Conduct industry research and examine the names of established body scrub brands.
  2. Think about what makes your body scrub business unique.
  3. Make a list of keywords and combine them to form name ideas.
  4. Feed some keywords through a business name generator.
  5. Share your top names with friends, family, and potential clients.
  6. Register your best name.

Is there a body scrub business name generator?

Yes, NameSnack is a free and intuitive tool that creates scores of brandable business name ideas from a few input keywords.

What are some names of existing body scrub businesses?

  • Frank Body.
  • Organic Bath Company.
  • Lalicious.
  • Bend Soap Company.
  • ScrubzBody.

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