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Punny Business Name Ideas:


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1. Higher Ground

Ideal for a coffee shop. The name plays on the double meaning of "ground."

2. Dough Ray Mia

Great for a pizza shop, this name makes fun of the musical scale everyone knows.

3. Lord of the Pies

Playing on the similarity in sound but different meanings of "flies" and "pies." Memorable.

4. Jurassic Quark

Ideal for a sci-fi bookshop or maybe a tutoring business, this name relies on a classic movie.

5. Sir Up

This works for a shop selling honey and syrup products, or even a food truck that sells pancakes.

6. Better Latte Than Never

A great name for a coffee shop, this name swops "late" for "latte." Humorous and memorable.

7. Easy Buzz It

Switching "Does" for "Buzz" creates a compelling name for a barbershop or electrician.

8. Off the Hook

This name is not only punny but also sarcastic. Ideal for a fish shop.

9. No Brain, No Gain

The popular saying about muscle gain and fitness is turned here into something nerdier.

10. Sofa so Good

The name plays on the similar sounds of "So Far" and "sofa." Ideal for a furniture business.

11. A Parfait Storm

An excellent name for a bakery. It plays on the phrase "a perfect storm." Great imagery.

12. Spill the Jeans

We all know the saying, "spill the beans." This name is compelling and memorable.

13. Fry Hard

Playing on the title of a classic Hollywood action movie, this name is hard to forget.

14. Grossbusters

The perfect name for a cleaning service. A great play on words using the title of a much-loved film.

15. Eggciting

Simple and straightforward. The yolk here is a no-brainer. Great for a breakfast restaurant.

16. This is the Blend

Ideal for a smoothy place, coffee shop, or tea house, this is a clever, unique name.

17. Grateful Bread

This name is about as good as it gets when it comes to punny business names.

18. Red Hot Philly Creperie

For a French pancake business based in Philly. It is so good we had to include it.

19. A Farewell to Charms

Playing on the title of a novel by Ernest Hemingway, this name is ideal for a quirky jewelry store.

20. Madame Hosiery

Another play on the title of a book, this name is for a lingerie, stockings, and leggings store.

Witty Business Names

Witty name ideas for your business.

More Punny Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Pun Business Names:

  • Syncing Ships.
  • Nice Buns Breadery.
  • The Rocket Chip.
  • This Thyme Co.
  • Sprout It Out!

Good Punny Brand Names:

  • TacoBout Food Truck.
  • WinedItUp.
  • The Sealiest Aquarium.
  • BeeLeaf Garden Store.
  • Veal Grate Eatery.

Great Punny Company Names:

  • APeaLing Foods.
  • Udderly Great Dairy.
  • The Hopptimist's Bar.
  • BareWithMe Adventures.
  • Unbeetable Co.


How can I come up with some punny business names?

  1. Play around with idioms to create names.
  2. Use the titles of books and movies to create puns.
  3. Mess around with famous people's names.
  4. Mine common phrases for punny gold.
  5. Think of short famous quotes that can be changed.
  6. Use a business name generator for inspiration.

What makes a business name punny?

A business name that uses a play on words is a punny business name. It might play on the multiple meanings of a word, or on the similarity in how two words sound.

What real-life companies have puns in their business names?

  • Frying Nemo.
  • Tequila Mockingbird.
  • Top Bun.
  • Bread Pitt.
  • A Salt & Battery.

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