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Short and Sweet Business Name Ideas:


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1. Berry Buzz

A versatile and refreshing name that will suit a business that creates or sells berry-infused products. A lovely choice for a juice bar or health shop.

2. Scentsations

With a combination of the words "scent" and "sensation," customers will know exactly what your perfume shop or fragrance business sells when reading this punchy name.

3. LadyLace

This snappy yet elegant name is ideal for a female-centric business that's all about sophistication and style. Well-suited to a boutique, lingerie brand, or fabric store.

4. AllFoods

Memorable and professional, this name is a great choice for a business that stocks a wide variety of industry-related products, such as a supermarket, restaurant, or convenience store.

5. XpressGear

A zesty name that could work well for an outdoor brand or equipment rental service. The word "express" hints at your business's speed and efficiency.

6. Honeydew's

"Honeydew" refers to a sugary and sticky liquid used to flavor products — perfect for a dessert or nature-inspired shop. It's a personable name that evokes a sense of home and comfort.

7. Investica

Authoritative and simple, this name is well-suited to an investment company that offers professional and accredited services.

8. DigitPost

An inventive name that suggests your business operates in the digital sphere. An awesome choice for an online newspaper, blog, or even a courier service.

9. Wine&Lime

This sharp name sounds playful and is a fun choice for a cocktail bar or restaurant that strives to create an enjoyable experience for patrons.

10. Con Carne

Meaning "with meat" in Spanish, this striking name is bound to get customers interested in your business's meaty creations. Ideal for a restaurant, food truck, or meat shop.

11. TimberTown

An alliterative and amusing name suited to a construction or hardware company that works with wood. The word "Town" expresses a feeling of friendliness and community.

12. Brushed

This descriptive name implies that your business creates or sells artisanal, homemade products. A sublime choice for an art store, skincare brand, or crafts business.

13. Kuro Designs

Referencing the Japanese word for "black," this catchy name will work for a design company that wants its artistry to shine through its business name.

14. Aurora

A beautiful, mystical name that means "dawn" in Latin. It hints at your business's affinity for natural symbolism or ethereal branding.

15. BrightLights

This impressive name will help a production company, theater business, or lighting store take center stage and steal the show.

16. Love Bytes

A combination of simplicity and whimsy, this clever name has the potential to make a gadget store, digital repairs company, or cyber business stand out from the crowd.

17. Snap It!

A dynamic call to action that speaks to a photography business or camera equipment shop. Easy to remember and fun to say!

18. Sweet Cheeks

Adorable and wholesome, this name will fit a cosmetics or skincare company that's all about making clients feel as sweet as candy when they use the brand's products.

19. About Thyme

This imaginative name is a play on the phrase "about time" and is awesome for a snack bar, café, or herbal shop that sells natural and organic creations.

20. Sliced

A descriptive and strong name for any business that sells sliced goods. Whether you stock sweet or salty products, this name is a classic choice for a deli, butchery, or cake shop.

One-Word Business Names

Fantastic and professional one-word name ideas for your business.

More Short and Sweet Business Name Ideas:

Cute Short and Sweet Business Names:

  • Paradiso.
  • Bloom.
  • Little Paws.
  • Cozy Café.
  • Pink Cherry.

Funny Short and Sweet Business Names:

  • Karate Kitty.
  • Milky Whey.
  • BeeHave.
  • Say Cheese.
  • Wownuts.

Catchy Short and Sweet Business Names:

  • Miss Lily.
  • Jolly Jelly.
  • SweeTooth.
  • Serene.
  • Primrose.


How do I come up with a catchy short and sweet business name?

  1. Jot down some keywords that best describe your business. Stick to one word or short phrases.
  2. Feed these into a business name generator to create scores of original business names to browse through.
  3. Select a few of your favorites and show them to friends and family for feedback.
  4. Shorten the list by selecting the names that got the best reaction.
  5. Choose a name that feels unique to your business.
  6. Secure the name.

What makes a business name short and sweet?

A short and sweet business name is usually punchy with a hint of charm. It's easy to remember, fun to say and feels unique to your brand. To ensure your business name reads as short and sweet, keep it as simple as possible. For inspiration, see our list of short and sweet business name ideas.

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