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Nautical Bar Name Ideas:


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1. Rock The Boat

A fun and expressive name suited to a nautical bar that's all about rock music and patrons dancing into the night.

2. The Sea Shanty

A reference to the songs sailors used to sing while at sea, this creative name sounds jolly and is ideal for a karaoke bar.

3. Captain's Crusade

Alliterative and memorable, this personable name suggests that customers are welcome aboard your ship for drinks and laughs.

4. Fish and Chicks

A play on the words "fish and chips," this inventive name will work for a nautical business that serves seafood or even a female-owned establishment.

5. The Sailor's Knot

Knots are typically used to secure items on a ship, which is the perfect description for a nautical bar that is dependable and established.

6. Kiss My Mast

A bold and cheeky name suited to a nautical bar that does not take itself too seriously.

7. Boozin' & Crusin'

This memorable name suggests that your bar is the best place to visit for a delicious alcholic drink with friends.

8. Sea You Later!

Referencing the phrase "see you later," nautical bars that want customers to feel at home at their establishment should consider using this punchy name.

9. Maritime Tails

A mysterious name that alludes to all the great stories patrons could share about the ocean and its treacherous depths.

10. The Drunken Fish

This funny name suggests that your customers will be able to drink like fish and be merry at your nautical bar.

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More Nautical Bar Name Ideas:

Funny Nautical Bar Names:

  • Salty Sailor's Cove.
  • Wreckage Reef.
  • Bikini Mutiny.
  • Poseidon's Belly.
  • The Lone Gunboat.

Pirate-Themed Bar Names:

  • Captain's Revenge.
  • The Old Pirate Den.
  • Blackbeard's Lair.
  • Buccaneer's Drink.
  • The Skull Dive.

Good Nautical Bar Names:

  • Salt Tops & Reefs.
  • Curse Of Atlantis.
  • Sailor's Treasure
  • Gull & Barrel.
  • The Silver Shark.

Fun Ocean-Themed Bar Names:

  • Siren Saloon.
  • Hail Sailor.
  • A Better Catch!
  • Sail & Seal.
  • Wicked Penguin Club.

Creative Nautical Tavern Names:

  • Plunge On Deck.
  • Siren's Revenge.
  • Reverie At Sea.
  • Poseidon's Treasure.
  • The Merman's Skull.

Great Boat Bar Names:

  • Captain's Fury.
  • Shipwreckers Saloon.
  • Visions On Deck.
  • Drunken Mutiny.
  • Bluewater Loot.

Catchy Nautical Pub Names:

  • The Sailor's Seat.
  • Lucky Shell Shack.
  • The Captain's Curse.
  • Seven Seas Saloon.
  • Sails & Smoke.


Where can I find some clever ship pub names?

You can navigate to NameSnack to create a business name unique to your ship pub or nautical bar. Alternatively, see our list of nautical bar names for inspiration.

What makes the best nautical bar names?

The best nautical bar names are those that capture the thrill, awe, and adventure of a life at sea, while being compelling, memorable, and enticing. They are immediately identifiable as bar names, and they are easily connected to life on the open ocean.

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