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Beach Bar Name Ideas:


Beach Bar


1. After Hours Beach Bar

After hours you kick off your shoes, put your feet in the sand, and sip on a drink. See the picture?

2. Fun in the Sun

This bar will no doubt offer fun times in the sun. With a fun name that rhymes, who can doubt it?

3. Surf Time

This will certainly speak to surfers and those wanting to watch them showcase their skills.

4. Ocean Breeze Bar

The name oozes relaxation and has a bit of a flair to it. This will be a more formal beach bar.

5. No Fighting, Just Kiting

Invites families with promises of spectacular sights and fun days out. No family fights here.

6. Casablanca

Planning a little white shack on the beach? Then this is a great name with some Mediterranean flair.

7. Under the Palms

Is your place surrounded by palm trees? Why not use this fact in this simple, yet memorable name?

8. The Happy Place

The name says everything about the emotive state of the clients. It's familiar and easy to remember.

9. C Square

The wordplay on the sea is memorable and refers to the piece of seaside the bar is built on.

10. Sandy Shores

The alliteration in the name, makes it roll off the tongue nicely. It also says what awaits clients.

Beach Bar Business Name Ideas:

Good Beach Bar Names:

  • Breeze & Bubble Co.
  • Aquatic Beach Bar.
  • The Beach Spot II.
  • Gin Islands.
  • The Oceanshake.

Beach-Themed Beach Bar Names:

  • Aqua-Gin Lounge.
  • The Coastal Beverage.
  • The Breeze Lounge.
  • Ocean Storm Whiskey.
  • Ohana Beach Bar.

Cool Beach Bar Names:

  • La Paloma Cafe.
  • My Little Mirage.
  • Spirits 'n' Sails.
  • Your Sunrise Scotch.
  • Tapioca Wave.

Funny Beach Bar Names:

  • The Siren's Bar.
  • The Coconut Breeze.
  • Your Wavey Elixir.
  • The Beachy Barrel.
  • Aloha, Drinks.

Best Beach Bar Names:

  • Ginz & Sips.
  • Sea Spirits.
  • Elixir Isle.
  • Spirits Surfs.
  • Waves of Drinks.

Tropical Beach Bar Names:

  • Gin & Reef.
  • Tropical Toppers.
  • Oceanfront Cocktails.
  • The Scotch Tiki Bar.
  • Tropical Tequila.


Where can I find a name and logo for my beach bar?

You can use NameSnack to find scores of compelling name ideas for your beach bar. Once you've found the perfect option, create and download a logo for free using Zarla.

Where can I find some beach bar name ideas?

Peruse our list of beach bar name ideas for inspiration.

What are some well-known beach bar names?

  • Sunset Beach Bar.
  • The Reef.
  • The Beach Shack.
  • The Deck.
  • The Beach Bar.

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