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Hammock Business Name Ideas:


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1.Dream Weavers

Whether you are daydreaming about a beautiful holiday or in a blissful state of unconsciousness, lying in a hammock is the way to experience it all. This business name allows people to imagine themselves hanging between the trees and drifting off into a restful state of sleep.

2.Hanging Out

A clever name that is both literal and figurative in describing what goes on in a hammock. Slung between two stationary objects, one can imagine themselves hanging out with friends, cuddling with a loved one, shooting the breeze, or just drinking cocktails on the beach at sunset.

3.Quiet Time Fabrics

The word "fabrics" refers to the type of material you use to make your hammocks. "Quiet times" of course, refers to the action that will most likely take place in this swinging bed. Quiet time alone, quiet time with a loved one, or enough quiet to fall softly asleep beneath a palm tree.

4.Sunset and Stars

This business name conjures ideas of swaying between the trees at sunset, slowly watching the sun go down and the stars coming out at night. Wrapped in the warmth of the hammock, one can imagine themselves staring at the tiny specs of light as they appear out of the deepening darkness.

5.The Relax Station

This clever business name implies that your hammocks are self-contained units that automatically provide stress relief to whoever hops inside — and in a sense they are. Unless there is a technical malfunction with the hammock, chances are you will feel a little more relaxed when you step out.


A catchy name that's also a popular term for having a quick nap. When people read your business name, they will think about the blissful feeling of drifting off for a bit and waking up feeling refreshed. This is what your hammock can provide. All they need to do is find two trees.

7.Cocktails and Waves

The perfect name for a hammock business that will make people want to head to the beach with their hammock under their arm, colorful cocktail in one hand, ready for some serious relaxation time. Pair this with a vibrant business logo with sunset colors and you have a winning formula.

8.Swing Kings

A bit of a play on words here. While not directly referring to the style of music, swing is certainly a good option for when you are lying outside watching the world go by. The other part of the name refers to the physical action that naturally happens when you step into a hammock — a gentle swing.


The word "sky" can mean two things here. On the one hand, it could refer to the idea of having a bed that literally doesn't touch the ground. On the other hand, the name could refer to the experience your clients can have lying outside in their hammock staring up at the sky.


As with FortyWinks, this name directly refers to the action of falling asleep. In this case, the hammock is the catalyst for the sleep state, in that it "starts the sleep." You would need a great logo to accompany your business name if you want to attract the right clientele.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

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What is a good name for my hammock business?

  • Skybeds.
  • DreamWeavers.
  • SwingKings.
  • Cocktails and Waves.

How do I come up with a catchy hammock business name?

The easiest way to find a good name for your business is to use a business name generator. Simply input the criteria you want and the software will give you hundreds of ideas.

What are some catchy business names that I can use to sell hammocks?

  • Hanging Out.
  • FortyWinks.
  • Sunset and Stars.
  • The Relax Station.

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